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In case you still haven’t had your fill of literary adaptations on YouTube, I’m launching a new series of micro-directing projects over at my personal channel, http://ift.tt/1aMnLyM. This one’s a bit different, though.

Tentatively titling this directing series “I Didn’t Write This”. In which I adapt and direct excerpts of literature and poetry using visual metaphors and voiceover and whatever else I have on hand. Usually pretty things I found at flea markets. Basically one long commercial for why we read.

I’m out of taglines. New episodes on Fridays. Subscribe, maybe?

We shot the first 3-4ish episodes in one whirlwind filmmaking roadtrip day, featuring the voiceover/acting talents of the great seanpersaud and the always wonderful marykatewiles.

As I am usually a writer/director, I’m especially excited about this directing series because it’ll allow me to focus entirely on visual directing and really stretching those creative muscles in particular. It’s a bit different tonally from the heightened historical comedy brand we have at shipwreckedcomedy, but I hope fans of ATTV and KitR will find things they liked about my directing style in this series as well. Plus our source materials are excellent. My inner English lit fangirl is super pleased about this project.

Much love,

Yulin Kuang

Speaking for myself, I don’t think I’m a fan of “heightened historical comedy” per se, or with anything else genre-specific. I’m a fan of certain people, because their work makes me feel things, and yes, I suppose the particular genre(s) those people choose to work in are part of that. And occasionally it’s possible for an artist whose work I love to take a genre-bend that for whatever reasons I’m not able to appreciate as much as their other work.

But with music, or film, or web video, or art, or whatever, I’m much more interested in following particular creators whose work I love than I am in following particular genres. It just seems to work better for me in terms of finding worthwhile things to enjoy.

So, long-winded way of getting to this: I’m very much looking forward to seeing anything you and your collaborators choose to create. If you think it’s worthy of your talent, and are excited about the end result, then the fact that it’s a different kind of thing or even that it’s written by someone else doesn’t worry me at all. If anything it makes me even more excited.

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