Help me out here.

Discussing gay marriage with my parents. Conversation point we keep getting stuck on:

“But why do they want the name marriage?”

Can some of you who don’t believe Christianity and the biblical idea of marriage give me some examples or reasons for why the term and idea of…

Marriage as a concept is much more of a universal element of human culture than is Christianity. Christianity is just one particular mass religion out of many. Something like two-thirds of the people on earth are non-Christian, yet essentially all of them have a cultural tradition of marriage as one of the strongest and most important of social bonds.

To try to deny a particular subset of people access to marriage based on nothing but an irrational animus rooted in the particular flavor of superstitious dogmatic mind control one happens to have been born into is a dick move, in my view. I don’t expect a committed Christian to be sympathetic to that view, but if you’re asking for my opinion, that’s it.

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