The Autobiography of Jane Eyre

The Autobiography of Jane Eyre:



Wow! First off, can we say how grateful we are for all of the support this fandom giving us. It’s been a week since we launched our Indiegogo campaign and we’ve already made 150% of our original goal! This means all our previous and projected production costs will be covered, we’ll be able to provide food on shoot days, and VidCon registration costs have been covered for everyone from the team who’s attending!

Any money we raise from here on out will be going directly into the pockets of the all those who lent their significant talent to our project. We have 35 days left in our campaign and the skies the limit.

We have some new and exciting incentive videos in the works which we’ll announce as soon as we have the logistics locked down! Trust me, you’re going to want to see these.

In the meantime, keep being awesome and don’t forget to check the AoJE Production Videos channel on YouTube for the incentive videos you’ve already unlocked!

And I’m already working on some new incentives :) 

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