spoliamag: “In April 1894, a middle-aged gentleman, bearing a…


“In April 1894, a middle-aged gentleman, bearing a load of dresses, was rowed to the deepest part of the Venetian lagoon. A strange scene followed: he began to drown the dresses, one by one. There were a good many, well-made, tasteful, and all dark, suggesting a lady of quiet habits and some reserve. The gondolier’s pole would have been useful for pushing them under the still water. But the dresses refused to drown. One by one they rose to the surface, their busts and sleeves swelling like black balloons. Purposefully, the gentleman pushed them under, but silent, reproachful, they rose before his eyes.”

The heartbreaking story of Constance Fenimore Woolson’s Venetian suicide, after unrequitedly falling in love with her friend Henry James. 

Image: John Singer Sargent’s Street in Venice

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