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Tanager Expedition members, Laysan Island, 1923 by Smithsonian Institution on Flickr.

Creator: Donald Dickey

Summary: S. C. Bail (right) and Talmadge Wilson (left), members of the Tanager Expedition, Laysan Island, 1923.

Dates: 1923

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Can we just pause for a moment to appreciate this photo? Wilson (left) and Ball (right) appear to be having a grand time on their expedition; the young albatross in the center, perhaps not so much, though he or she is at least maintaining an open mind about things, thanks to the evolutionary characteristic of island tameness.

The clothes, though.

Ball appears to be dressed more or less appropriately, and in fact is rocking a certain early-1920s expedition vibe. But Wilson. What were you thinking? He’s comically overdressed up top, with that hat and life preserver, while down below he’s… not wearing any pants. And the look on his face. Yeah, I bet this photo was very popular after Dickey developed it back on the ship.

Talmadge Wilson, ladies and gentlemen.

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