Too Many Thoughts About Writing (by someone who only marginally knows what she’s doing)


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Hi. I’m 42. I wrote intermittently when I was a teenager, but I read everything I could get my hands on—lots of Classics. Back then I would start writing a story, decide it was terrible and give up, or obsessively edit the start of something. Because if I couldn’t get the beginning right—how would the rest of it come out? Huge mistake.

I was not patient enough to figure out what “the rest” of a story even was. I thought I should know it all immediately. Another huge mistake.

You have to be more patient with yourself and your stories than you ever thought. More than I ever imagined. When people talk about spending six years writing a novel (which I just did) you write it over and over. Many versions. Many different drafts with different plots. I wrote three different POVs before I found the correct one.

Here is my writing history.

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