XTC, “Love at First Sight” I bet E & P really…

XTC, “Love at First Sight”

I bet E & P really liked this song. Given their own relationship history and Eleanor’s views on Romeo and Juliet, I think they would have smirked every time they heard it. And I know it was all mixtapes for them, but my headcanon is that Park couldn’t bear to split up side one of Black Sea, so that tape was that whole side from start to finish.

  1. Respectable Street
  2. Generals and Majors
  3. Living Through Another Cuba
  4. Love at First Sight
  5. Rocket from a Bottle
  6. No Language in Our Lungs

So awesome.

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Tags: eleanor & park, XTC, Black Sea, in which i feel overwhelming nostalgia for 1981, even though at the time i mostly felt like fml.

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