Spectacular Edible Outfits Made of Ordinary Foods Wearable…

Spectacular Edible Outfits Made of Ordinary Foods

Wearable Foods is an eye-catching series by Korean artist Yeonju Sung that presents a line of edible fashion. With these outfits, you won’t have to worry about getting food on your clothes. Using a variety of ingredients as her medium, the crafty artist has constructed a multitude of garments with consumable goods that include (but are not limited to) bananas, mushrooms, tomatoes, eggplants, bread, eggs, and even bubble gum.


This is like an AU version of Project Runway’s unconventional challenge, but in a world where the contestants are so good they make Christian Siriano look like the joke contestants that only get on because the producers want to show comical footage of them before eliminating them the first week.

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