rainbowrowell: andiree: I read this scene to my friend, just…



I read this scene to my friend, just those two lines—and this is how she interpreted it.

im so sorry i love this story so much really

This should NOT have made me laugh.

And yet it DID.

(P.S. These aren’t the three words.)


Okay. Things I know now:

  • Rainbow Rowell knows the three words.
  • Rainbow Rowell is willing, at least under certain circumstances, to reveal what the three words aren’t.

If only she were an unmonitored daemon, I could write a script to brute-force its way through a dictionary attack that in a decade or two would allow me to figure this out. Yay!

But she’s not an unmonitored daemon, so I guess I’m back to thinking about the book and the characters to infer what the three words probably were, while waiting for the much-to-be-desired sequel that presumably will help resolve that mystery, while no doubt introducing new ones.

That works too. :-)

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