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‘You’re- you’re teasing right? Right?’

‘We have to go!’

Thank you, person who pointed out that since this was shot after 100, the literal final words of the series are: “We have to go.”

I was curious about which episode was actually shot last, and meant to ask but never got around to it. Cool.

is my own post allowed to make me cry?

Definitely. (If you’re Erin, it’s actually required by the terms of your narcissism contract.)

Side note: I sent an ask to Ashley, and she was nice enough to write back to me that actually, the last thing they shot was the last take for episode 99 (which was the take they used).

So this bit from Q&A 10 must actually have been filmed earlier (though I still like that, conceptually, it’s kind of the bookend to the series). And I guess whatever we’re going to get tomorrow in episode 100 must also have been taped before episode 99.

My guess is that since episode 100 features Lydia they taped that sometime relatively early on the final-shoot day, along with the Caroline episode (95), so those actors could be freed up. Then they probably did the Charlotte+Darcy episode (97), then maybe Q&A 10, then the rest of the Lizzie+Darcy episodes (96, 98 and 99).

But that’s just guessing. All I really know (from Ashley’s response to my ask) is that 99 was done last.

(this is 99)

Oh, shoot. Then yeah; you’re absolutely right. Awesome!

I think I got somewhat addled by all the tie-porn gifs over the last few days.

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