edwardspoonhands: So we launched a Kickstarter a couple hours…


So we launched a Kickstarter a couple hours ago and…yeah, we’re half way there….uhhhh…woah.

I suppose I should also tell you about the Kickstarter which includes:

  1. A “Lizzie Bennet Edition” of Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen with an introduciton by me (yes, we’re printing up copies of P&P because THERE AREN’T ENOUGH IN THE WORLD! The book is being designed by Karen Kavett, and she’s doing an amazing job
  2. A 8-9 disc DVD set (we’re not sure yet) which will include all of the content that was part of the project as well as out-takes, episode commentaries, interviews with cast members, writers, and creators, and little featurettes.

And with this we are raising money to:

  1. Produce a new series based on Austen’s unfinished novel “Sanditon.” Gigi Darcy will be the heroine in this short tale, which will bridge the gap before we launch our next big series in July (which we don’t need to kickstart because it has already been funded thanks to Deca.)
  2. Produce all of the bonus content for the DVDs and actually manufacture them (because unlike a 1-disc CD, they’re actually quite expensive to manufacture.)
  3. Help to pay all of the people that we barely paid to produce this series. The nature of online video (as we’ve discussed) is that it’s very difficult to make enough money to pay more than one person a living wage. The magnificent success of LBD would indicate that we should have been able to pay our actors, writers, producers, and crew well…but we were not. So excess money from this kickstarter will be distributed to that team to reward them for all of their hard work.

And you wanna know something nuts…in the time it took me to write this…we’re up to $40k. 


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