Q&A with Wes Aderhold THIS SUNDAY 10/3 at 10am PST



We are thrilled to announce our second ever Broadcast Q&A with the LBD team, this time featuring Wes Aderhold, who plays the charming George Wickham that we all love to hate.

The hangout will be stream LIVE from our youtube channel, and YOU can join in the fun by either asking questions in the YT comments OR tweeting #AskWesHO for the chance to have your question asked live by the MC.

If you’re feeling more adventurous, you can tweet your question using #JoinWesHO for the chance to be DM’d a link to come into the stream and ask Wes your question live! Please read this post for more information on the requirements to join.

Remember, if you are trying to join the hangout, use the join tag. If you have a question or comment you want the chance for the MC to read, use the ask tag.

Can’t wait to see you Sunday, 10 am PST!

Hey hey hey look at this exciting thing!

The title says “THIS SUNDAY 10/3”. The date format is arguably ambiguous, but I think most people can figure out that you mean “March 10”. But… that’s not this Sunday. It’s the following Sunday.

When is the hangout actually happening?

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