Saw your posting on age today, just thought you’d like to know that Neil Gaiman (neil-gaiman) who is 52 is also here!

Hooray! Every time I drop further down the list I feel younger. Currently I know of:

  • The mystery user from the Sherlock fandom who is 74.
  • Someone whose details I lost track of, but who I believe is 61 or 62.
  • dduane, who is (I think?) 61.
  • neil-gaiman, who is 52 (thanks!)
  • me, who is 50.

I’m sure there are lots of others, and rather than continuing to maintain a ranking of those I’ve discovered, I’m just going to bask in the sense of actuarial possibility conferred by my middle-of-the-flock status. I still really want to find that 74-year-old, but that trail has grown rather cold.

Still, he’s out there somewhere.

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