I dunno if you’re obsessive (like me!) and read everything on your dash but I reblogged a post about a 72 year old man on tumblr and thought you’d like to know. ^_^ (Side note: Nice name but I don’t want it, you seem to handle it so well.)

Oh, wow. Except he’s actually 74. And the post appears to be a submission via a different Tumblr URL, and doesn’t contain his actual URL. So he exists, and is out there on Tumblr somewhere, but I can’t follow him until I know his URL.

I must find him.

Thank you so much for reblogging this, and sending me this note, because yeah, I’ve been falling behind on my dash lately. I think I should probably do a round of judicious unfollowing to get it down to a manageable level.

But that can wait. I must find the Oldest Person on Tumblr! Here’s what I know:

  • He’s 74.
  • He has a spouse named Carl.
  • They’re both into Star Trek and Sherlock.
  • Carl loves Supernatural.
  • The Oldest Person on Tumblr likes Teen Wolf.

Sigh. I’ll send a note to shutthefuckupstraightpeople and see if they can forward a note to him.

Thank you again! This really has been the most amazing day for me on Tumblr.

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