Mirth & No Matter: glamaphonic: nonimaginaryfriend: So I’ve been thinking about how I…

Mirth & No Matter: glamaphonic: nonimaginaryfriend: So I’ve been thinking about how I…:



So I’ve been thinking about how I would re-write the most recent arc of the Lizzie Bennet Diaries.

Not even in terms of the plot elements, because although I do have a lot of feelings about those — a lot — I’m still trying to work through them, and…

It would have been a very different show. But it would be very interesting to watch. I’ve been bothered by the level of melodrama at times (while still pretty much loving the show overall, which I realize puts me in a different part of the fan map from some of those who’ve been critical).

I wonder about whether the melodrama is in part an outgrowth of the vlogging style of being very big and over-the-top emotional. That is, Hank comes from a school that says vlogging is about reaching out and being really earnest in your presentation style, so maybe that has influenced the over-the-top tone of the show. We got big, broad comedy in things like the Lizzie!Mrs_Bennet re-enactments, and when it came time to do the more serious drama they may have just continued in that vein.

I’m not defending that choice. I’m just wondering about how it was made.

The show has obviously been very successful in finding an audience, so I would assume that other, similar YouTube series will be made in the future, with many of them consciously imitating the approach LBD has taken. But I’d really love to see a someone try a more restrained approach like the one described here.

Realistically, there’s no one stopping anyone from doing it. Part of me wants to say to the people being critical of LBD lately, fine; why don’t you try to do better? But defensiveness aside, why don’t you actually do that? I’d enjoy seeing the result, and it would be a powerful way of making your case.

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