Shales on Obama on TV

I liked this essay by Tom Shales, in which he praises the job Obama is doing in his role as the person who plays a role: He plays the President on TV, too.

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  1. shcb Says:

    Yeah, that’s what we need, a president that looks good on TV. Now on it’s own there is nothing wrong with a good looking man in the White House, Romney is a good looking man. But events like Obama being on Letterman don’t happen in a vacuum. While he had plenty of time to make a campaign stop at the friendly confines of the dave show, he simultaneously snubbed the PM of our ally in the Middle East.

    Was this just an innocent scheduling conflict? No, there are too many other examples of Obama purposely ignoring our friend while showing great respect for their enemy. He offered the front door to the Palestinians while the Israelis were shown the side door, sat down and broke bread with the enemies of the official delegation of our friends left to dine alone in the White House. A pattern has developed. So is Obama anti Semitic? I don’t know, he did voluntarily spend twenty years in a church listening to a racist, bigoted, anti Semite. He might think this is the way to peace in the area. In either case how well has this worked? The Israelis waited for the election in this country to be ran, the outcome was either a friend or foe would be in the seat of power. Now they are kicking some Arab ass because they once again find themselves alone. I wish them luck.

    So, people like NL who disliked Romney because of his religion are seeing people killed because of Obama’s religion. People that thought Romney’s actions would cause problems in the area are seeing Obama’s inaction causing problems. I guess we just have to wait and see if the good guys win. It won’t be with our help.

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