Pielke, Jr.: Someone Is WRONG at the IPCC!

Roger Pielke, Jr. posts his email correspondence with the IPCC concerning parts of the body’s 2007 assessment (AR4) on extreme weather events. Pielke argues, as he has for some time, that the AR4 contains significant errors in that area, and should be corrected: The IPCC sinks to a new low.

It’s an interesting exchange, and granted, we’re only getting Pielke’s version of the evidence, but the IPCC doesn’t seem to be covering itself in glory. It reads very much like a bureaucratic organization going out of its way to construe the evidence raised by Pielke in whatever light makes it easiest for the organization to avoid altering its findings. Which seems perfectly consistent with a political entity. But not so much with a scientific one.

So, does that mean the IPCC is corrupt, global warming is bunk, and the whole thing is just a huge warmist conspiracy aimed at imposing socialism on us all?

Sigh. If only it were so. No, it doesn’t mean that.

But it does look to me like decent evidence that the IPCC is willing to lean on the scales when summarizing scientific findings in order to advance a particular policy agenda. Which is… unfortunate.

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  1. shcb Says:

    Here’s the problem, so the IPCC is a bureaucracy that is covering its ass. Now the report they are standing by was mostly derived by Mann, so if the report(s) can’t stand up to scrutiny, then where does that leave Mann? From what I’ve seen most of the papers (the papers I have read anyway) revolve around either the IPCC report or Mann’s work, which of course is the IPCC report. It seems early on there were only a very few people working on man made global warming, mostly Mann and Jones, then the UN got involved with the IPCC. Since then the “new” studies seem to just regurgitate and re-regurgitate the same data. So if that original data was wrong, what chance does it have to have been corrected?

    Then you have papers that argue this to be a natural event


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