Osama bin Laden is dead

Conspiracy theorists start your engines!

(plus, I can’t wait to see how the right wing spins this as bad for “the young man”)
oh wait, don’t forget the wink ;)

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  1. shcb Says:

    They got Bin Laden, good. At least that answers the why now question of the birth certificate.

  2. enkidu Says:

    Spoken like a true Afterbirther

  3. shcb Says:

    No, I’m happy he had a reason, well played, a little risky but I like that in a president.

  4. shcb Says:

    Thank goodness Obama kept Gitmo open, we may not have found bin Laden without “asking” residents of that community questions.

  5. enkidu Says:

    Sorry to break it to you haters, but the info came up after the ‘enhanced interrogation techniques’ (read: torture) came to light. So we probably didn’t waterboard it out of the informant. Just good old fashioned detective work. Another thing to note is shrubco disbanded their ‘find Osama’ task force. d’oh!

    Keep spinning wwnj. Enough lies and and eventually you nutjobs might gain a bit of traction beyond the Wingnutoverse.

    Joe Scarborough said Obama deserves some credit for making decisions that his base didn’t agree with… huh? Hey Joe, ever been to NY? NYC? What? Your show is *taped* in NYC??? …do you ever get out of the limo? hello?

    I haven’t had the heart to do much more than peek at the outpouring of hate from the fauxnews sites or redstate or similar. Hey nutjobs! Can you wait 24 hours before going back to yelling π!@@#&!!1!!1 every time that B Hussein Osamabama feller shows up on yer TeeVee? Evidently not.

    Hey how is (alternate Wingnutoverse) President McCain taking the news? When candidate Obama said he’d hunt OBL down and kill him even inside Pakistan, WetStart said he wouldn’t go after OBL inside Pakistan. I assume that is because he was too busy digging up all those Iraqi WMDs. Has Palin been informed that there is a country called Pakistan? My third grader has more geo-political smarts, you betcha. (wink!)

    ps – best of luck in the elections to our friends from Canada!

  6. Smith Says:

    The comment section never ceases to amaze. I can’t wait for knarly’s crazy-ass rant about the CIA. Though I doubt it will trump (pun intended?) whatever birther conspiracy bullshit shcb is spewing.

  7. knarlyknight Says:

    I got nothing for you Smith, I don’t even care enough to read or listen to the news reports. I do have one question: given that you guys want to be 100% sure you got the right guy, and given all past claims of faked past videos and supposed bogus photos Osama bin Laden, what was done to verify the body was actually OBL and not a double?

  8. shcb Says:

    What birther bullshit, I’m not a birther, I just asked why he released the birth certificate when he did, what made that week more politically appealing than any week in the last couple years, now we know.

  9. knarlyknight Says:


    spell it out for me in short form, I can’t read your long winded gibberish:

    How does the OSAMA announcement relate to the birh certificate?

  10. enkidu Says:

    Oh, it’s just another cynical move by the Kenyan usurper, see (insert long winded wwnj gibberish here)

    knarly, the answer to your previous question appears to be a DNA test of some sort. Or multiple DNA tests. Plus the intel pointing to it being OBL. I bet OBL looked like OBL too. I think this is why they went in with boots rather than just obliterating the entire compound with a wave of Predator strikes.

    Most delicious part is the wingnuts had pretty much settled on the ‘Barak Osama is weak like Jimmy Carter!’ meme… then this raid and justice… did you know one of the choppers had a mechanical problem? shades of the Iran raid… but they had plenty of reserve (and no giant sandstorm, unlike Iran back then)… no US casualties… and we got the ienj sob. Well done Obamaco!

    So wwnj what were your grades at Harvard again? Why won’t you release your academic records? Hey everyone is just asking.

  11. shcb Says:

    Knarly, I was responding to Smith’s remarks, I don’t know how it relates either. I guess you’ll have to ask him.

  12. shcb Says:

    If you’re asking about my 7:15pm post, Obama needed to release the birth certificate at some time, this was an issue that wasn’t going to go away. They had thought it would die off but it didn’t, Trump was actually getting some traction on it, as odd as that might seem. He knew they were getting close to running this operation that would get bin Laden so they released the birth certificate knowing the bin Laden story would over ride it for its shelf life. Just good politics.

  13. jbc Says:

    Wait, I don’t understand your claim, shcb. Are you saying that Obama chose when to release his long-form birth certificate at the time he did, specifically because he knew, in advance of the actual decision to go forward with the raid, and in advance of any possible knowledge as to the raid’s success, that the birth certificate issue would someone work out well in combination with the news about the killing of bin Laden?

    That’s one interesting reality you inhabit, sir.

  14. enkidu Says:

    “Obama needed to release the birth certificate at some time, this was an issue that wasn’t going to go away”

    Forgive me for belaboring this point (yet again): The President submitted his legally accepted birth certificate years ago. It has been on the internet for years. The state of Hawaii does not give out the long form or a copy of the long form. The President asked for an exemption to this policy so that the country could focus on more important things than wwnj fantasies. The Wingnutoverse hasn’t produced a single piece of factual evidence to the contrary. Ever. It’s bullshit and always was.

    I’m beginning to suspect that the Wingnutoverse has a 90 degree right wing polarizing filter as a physical constant. This would explain why “up” in our universe is “flat” in theirs. Perhaps mathematical concepts like 2+2=4 are similarly affected. Thus Obama’s middle of the road Presidency would appear to be “unbridled socialism” to an observer from the Wingnutoverse.

    I’m going to coin a new phrase and call it “red(neck) shift”

  15. shcb Says:

    Why is that so hard to believe, Clinton bombed a country to give himself a few days before impeachment. There was no logical reason for him to release this document (I don’t care if it was long form, short form whatever) at that particular time. Remember I asked what political advantage was there in releasing it when he did and I said it bothered me even more that he was so politically inept to release it when there was no advantage. This is it! I’m glad he had a reason, my faith in him much higher now, I want someone shrewd and cunning in the White House. Using the bin Laden incident as cover was very cagey. I like that. He took two great political risks and pulled them both off, this is the first time I’ve been proud he is the president.

  16. shcb Says:

    But let me be clear, I think bin Laden was more important to him, I am in no way saying the bin Laden thing was done to cover the birth certificate, it was just a matter of convenience, it took two seconds to make the decision, one of his advisors said we need to release something, this birth certificate thing isn’t going away, we need to do it in the next month or two, someone else came up and said the bin Laden attack was going to go down in the week or two and he said hell with it, now’s as good a time as any. No cloak and dagger, no big conspiracy, just a political decision, happens every day.

  17. NorthernLite Says:

    Sorry enk, as you’ve probably already heard, we now have a majority Conservative government here in Canada. This is due to the fact that the vote on the Left is split bewtween 4 parties. But we did manage did propel our most progressive party (NDP) into the Official Opposition for the first time in history. Aaaaaaaand, the first memeber to represent the Green Party was elected. Big time accomplishment!

    Overall, bittersweet.

    However, news that OBL was finally brought to justice was really good to hear!

    The story around the operation is like something out of a movie, hell, a video game and is so cool!


    (I’ll get back to work on uniting the Left vote up here :)

  18. enkidu Says:

    I heard the negative campaigning by the Harper block was intense
    lots of smear tactic ads and nasty stuff

  19. Smith Says:

    Goddamn, shcb. You are so committed to this birth certificate bullshit that you have completely lost whatever tenuous grip you once had on reality. Face it, your side failed on the birther issue just like your people failed to catch Bin Laden. You tied yourself to a losing team. Just accept that you were easily lead into supporting the losing side. Admitting to having a simple mind less shameful than deluding yourself so thoroughly.

  20. leftbehind Says:

    Anybody who honestly believes Osama Bin Laden lived in a totally conspicuous walled compound in a city of one million people since 2005 without the US Government knowing about it is an idiot. Bin Laden lived as long as our Government needed a boogie man to justify anything they might need to justify, and died when Obama needed a trophy to hang his campaign on…provided that he wasn’t already dead years ago, or locked in a cell at Gitmo even as I type this.

  21. knarlyknight Says:

    lefty, you have got to be kidding! The Navy Seals, man, the American military itself, said they followed the courier who lived there harbouring the OBL and then made the trphy shot to kill him while he cowered behind his wife holding a gun in a brutal firefight…
    when has the American military ever lied about a thing like that?

  22. shcb Says:

    Sorry to jump over you guys but I want to address Smith. You seem to think I am grousing that this happened under Obama’s leadership, I’m not. He took a huge political risk and big military risk and I applaud him for it. The birth certificate is just a small side item, just a non descript move of a pawn that is only appreciated by someone really watching the chess game aspect.

    The part I am gloating about is the folks that call us stupid are those who voted for a man based on him being the total Anti Bush, then his crowning achievement was achieved but using every tool Bush left him in the exact manner Bush would have done it. Unilaterally attacking a sovereign country, killing unarmed civilians mercilessly, using information from enhanced interrogations. Priceless.

    Obama pulled this off because for once he didn’t act like Carter he acted like either of the Bush boys or Reagan. He made a hard decision based on what was best for the country, he gave a firm and direct order, then he let his people do their jobs. I don’t know if he lied to you guys to get your votes, that he has always been this tough, or the reality of the situation has made him grow and understand he was wrong in his views while candidate, my guess is the later.

  23. shcb Says:

    Almost forgot, he did it without a UN resolution or NATO approval

  24. shcb Says:

    Oh yeah, there was no positive proof what we were looking for was there before we unilaterally invaded a country with military forces.

  25. enkidu Says:

    a pawn that is only appreciated by someone really watching the chess game aspect

    Spoken with all the gravitas of someone playing checkers.

    his crowning achievement was achieved but using every tool Bush left him in the exact manner Bush would have done it

    Nope. The operation was a success, unlike shrub’s efforts (plus shrubbie *disbanded* the find Osama unit… hello? epic failure)

    Unilaterally attacking a sovereign country, killing unarmed civilians mercilessly, using information from enhanced interrogations

    It was a raid, after good police work. Interpol could have done it. The FBI, ATF, a decent SWAT team with some helicopters. We didn’t ‘invade’ (ludicrous wwnj exaggeration) we killed the world’s top terrorist. And we’ll keep doing it until these religious cavemen and wwnj conservatives wake up in the 21st C, not the 5th. These weren’t unarmed civs.

    Your reading comprehension must be compromised by your right wing Wingnutoverse polarizing filter: torture had nothing to do with the gathering of this intel.

    Obama pulled this off because for once he didn’t act like Carter he acted like either of the Bush boys or Reagan.

    He acted exactly like Carter, but instead of a sandstorm, some bad luck and no backups, Carter took responsibility for a failed raid (which, if it had gone off well you wwnjs would have still shat all over, regardless). He didn;t act like shrub, he was successful and smart. He didn’t act like Raygun, who negotiates with terrorists for political advantage, Obama kills the top trrrst and this is the best you got? gfy

    the reality of the situation has made him grow and understand he was wrong in his views while candidate

    Again, should we link to candidate Obama saying he’d go into Pakistan to hunt down and kill Osama? Would you ‘believe’ the video of him saying this? (also McCain said this was something he *wouldn’t* do… epic fail)


    without a UN resolution or NATO approval

    He got the UN, NATO and Arab League on board with preventing the Libyan situation from ending the ‘Arab Spring’ (and prevented a massacre). Perhaps you should look into this big book called a dictionary to see the difference between “invade” and “raid”. How many hundreds of thousands of troops did we invade Libya with? How many hundreds of thousands invaded Pakistan on Sunday? To use an example from history, they call it “The Raid on Entebbe” not the Invasion of Entebbe. duh

    Finally, where are your Harvard academic transcripts wwnj?
    People are asking.

  26. knarlyknight Says:

    Good post Enk.

  27. NorthernLite Says:

    Great post.

    Obama has killed Somali pirates, Ghadaffi’s son (almost Ghadaffi) and Osama bin Laden so far…

    You’d think the right wing gun nuts would like all that killing and be extremely supportive of Obama.

    “Country First” LOL

  28. shcb Says:

    You guys don’t quite get it do you, I’m praising Obama, I’m making fun of you.

  29. knarlyknight Says:

    you don’t quite get it, your praise is not true, it is a backhanded sort of praise and it sounds ridiculous.

    News Flash: “The president has decided not to release death photos of Osama bin Laden, an administration official briefed by the White House tells CNN.” – Yea, so what. The BIG question is whether Obama is going to release OSAMA’S long form death certificate.

  30. shcb Says:

    No, I’m absolutely serious when I give him praise, I am also serious when I give Bush praise for his hand in this event. Both men deserve the praise they deserve. This is what real bipartisanship is all about, you give your opponent props when they deserve it and then get back to the battle.

    My jab is at you guys, Obama and Bush used every tool you guys hated Bush for to bring this about because that is what it takes, it ain’t pretty but it works. Gitmo is still alive and well, the Patriot act is still alive and well, we are still in the area where we can kill these guys without having to travel thousands of miles like the Israelis did in 1976. These operations happen on almost a daily basis in that area, this wasn’t the SEALs first dance… because we are there. Enky is so wrong about so much. No SWAT team could do what they did, in the first place they can’t go in a compound and kill everything in sight. They can’t double tap the woman shield and ditto the bearded gentleman behind her before deciding who he is. They don’t have F18 support above them. Lastly, it is generally recognized the reason the Carter mission failed is because Jimmy micromanaged it from Washington. In what is almost unheard of in modern history, no president since has made that mistake. The first Bush reportedly gave the order to invade Iraq and then went back to bed. It seems Obama stayed around and monitored the situation but let the pros take over, as he should.

  31. NorthernLite Says:

    From what I’ve read and heard, information leading to the raid was obtained using traditional intelligence gathering and interrogation methods, not torture.

    So wtf are you talking about?

    Bush doesn’t deserve any praise because he took his eye off the prize when he decided to invade Iraq – and in the meantime OBL attacked London and Madrid, killing more innocents.

    Obama promised to refocus efforts on getting OBL during the campaign and that refocus looks like it worked. As Enk pointed out, he also said he wouldn’t hesitate to take action inside another country if he though he had a shot at him. He made that gutsy call. Kudos.

    People say Obama now “owns” the economic nightmare he inherited from Bush so guess what? He also owns this victory against terrorism.

  32. shcb Says:

    It seems they found out about the courier system from enhanced interrogations, most likely when they waterboarded Kaleed Shalike Mohammad, whatever his name is, we’ll just call him Bob. It depends on who you listen to; Democrats are of course going to say the torture didn’t work since they have so much invested in it. I don’t think Bush took his eye off the prize, he just put it in perspective. OBL was marginalized and in war that is enough, this is a symbolic act, a very important symbolic act to be sure, but the war will go on, someone will fill his shoes or already has.

    You’re right, Obama said he would go into Pakistan if needed and he did, he gets high praise from me for fulfilling that campaign promise, just as he gets high praise for not fulfilling his promises to close Gitmo, or get us out of the war zone. I’m a happy camper, in regard to continuing the Bush legacy in the war against radical Islam he’s aces in my book, not so much in the other stuff.

  33. Smith Says:

    Welcome to shcb’s vineyard. Where the grapes are sour and the whine is bitter.

    ***Special Promotion: Every bottle comes with a birth certificate***

  34. enkidu Says:

    I stand corrected, wwnj. You are more like someone playing checkers with their feces while loudly proclaiming that you are Grand Master level chess player.

    We did not torture to develop this info (in fact it was probably buried under tons of spurious tortured false leads and ‘just say anything to make it stop!’ crapola). It was good old fashioned police work essentially. Interpol, the FBI, the ATF or even a good SWAT team could have done this (not as well as Seal Team 6, mb some casualties? who knows). So what exact use was the F-18 air cover? Did they fight off waves of Taliban air superiority stealthed jihadi jets?

    Over here in reality it has come to light that OBL did not use a wife as a human shield, despite your fevered fantasies.

    wtf? How was the Patriot act used to find and kill OBL? (this should be hilarious)

    You aren’t fit to lick the sawdust off the floor from where President Carter is sawing a 2×4 for Habitat for Humanity.

    And shrub? Can’t be bothered to visit NYC and lay a wreath, too bipartisan (or perhaps too much of a reminder who f’d up so damn badly). It was very magnanimous of ‘the young man’ to include the pretzelnitwit, too bad he is too small a man to fit it in his busy schedule of staying out of the public’s eye.

  35. enkidu Says:

    I imagine wwnj is spending the morning down at the pigglywiggly copyshoppe photocopying his shoe boxes full of those Harvard transcripts (wasn’t your major climate science? you sure seem to know everything (well… wwnj ‘everything’) about climate science yessiree – what? you studied cosmetology? ok then)

  36. knarlyknight Says:

    For the record, it’s barely 3 days later and the official story http://www.lies.com/wp/2011/05/01/osama-bin-laden-is-dead/#comment-222429 has completely changed.
    Now we are told:
    OBL was unarmed. Was not hiding behind his wife or any other woman.
    OBL not shot in self defence. His 12 year old daughter says he was executed while she and the others watched.
    Only one armed person in the compound.
    OBL killed near the beginning of the 40 minute raid, not at the end of it.
    Not a $1 million mansion, at most $500 k and the land was purchased for $80 K nine years ago. Video of inside shows it to be a hovel, not opulent.

    Yet people continue to believe statements from the American military almost without any questions. Unbelievable.

    No mention of kidney dialisys machines yet.

  37. enkidu Says:

    …and you are going to take the word of OBL’s daughter? I’d love to see that press conference. oh wait, she’s under lock and key, awaiting extradition to Saudi Arabia or Gitmo perhaps?

    No offense, but I don;t trust the Ds or the Rs as far as I could bodily throw them. Being a skeptic also means being skeptical of new info. That quote from his daughter smells like bull to me. Just sayin. The rest of it… fog of war? Stories and rumors? I’ve heard he was trying to flee/going for a gun (thus shot in the back/side of the head?)

    It was a gated compound with a safehouse multistory building. I haven’t heard it called a mansion (tho perhaps you have, obviously). He drank a lot of Pepsi and Coke (see, we capitalists have even infiltrated the lifestyles of the sick and hateful, like Sarah Palin or wwnj [I hear he’s more a Bud Lite guy])

    The dialysis machine line had me laughing =)

    In the end analysis he is dead, and that is what matters to me. As to this being some ploy to get Obama reelected: bull. You don’t spring an October surprise at the beginning of May a year and a half prior to the election. wwnjs won’t be happy until they see the (long form) death certificate and they won’t stop hatin Obama until they see his certificate of whiteness (50% isn’t good enough, obviously)

  38. NorthernLite Says:

    The dialysis line cracked me up too, lol.

    I’m somewhat puzzled by all the, “well, now the story is changing…” stuff that’s going on. Fog of war, indeed.

    Really, who gives a shit? The bastard is dead. I hope he was executed and told to go straight to hell before they put a bullet in his head. I hope they pissed on him after. And then laughed about it on the way back to the chopper. And laughed some more on the flight home.

    The only thing that really bothered my was that they gave him a proper burial even though he was the last person on Earth to deserve one. But I guess that’s what separates us normal humans to terrorist scumbags.

    It’s what makes America, America.

  39. knarlyknight Says:

    The worst Nazi’s went to Nuremburg, the full extent of their crimes exposed, then hanged. Would have been good to treat him the same way, it puts a black mark on the US if this turns out to be a death squad. A death squad is like a medieval revenge, it is not justice.

    What did I miss with the dialysis machine? I thought he couldn’t live without one? Was there one in the army base? Did he get treated at a local hospital? Did he get transplants? If so then the people who assisted him need to be brought to justice.

    The other thing I thought of is why can’t the pictures be released with a black bar obscurring the gross parts?

  40. shcb Says:

    There were quite a few on Fox news today via Reuters (sp) with dead bodies and such, not bin Laden but some of the others killed.

  41. NorthernLite Says:

    knarly, the line was funny for me because of the flow of your comment, it was just perfect. What made it even more funny is that I was like, “yeah, where is that machine?!” to myself. Fair points you raised as well.

    The best line I heard was from a NY firefighter the other day. He said something like, “Well, Osama just found out that there ain’t no virgins waiting for him at the bottom of the ocean.”


  42. knarlyknight Says:

    NL, Thx.
    I especially like this, and shcb may also consider changing his mind about praising Obama. Number 6 is key to me.

  43. NorthernLite Says:

    I’d agree with a little bit of that, but I think a lot of the so-called controversey has to do with 24/7 news and every one with an internet connection analyzing the shit out of it. 20 years ago or so it would have been, he’s dead, convert op… and that’s pretty much it.

    What about that chopper though? Crazy cool stuff, I have never seen a chopper like that before. Very stealthy indeed…


  44. shcb Says:

    That is a picture of a Comanche helicopter :)

  45. NorthernLite Says:

    It’s not the same model they left behind? Now that i look again, the windows do seem different, but it defiitely has stealth features. There are many different stealth helicopters in your arsenal?

    I think I just solved the UFO mysteries… :)

  46. shcb Says:

    I think the Camanche project was cancelled, it was too expensive for what it gave. it was cool though, one demonstration I saw was the thing going down range at some speed, turning and engaging to the side while it was still following the same path, if that makes sense (crabbing at speed).

    I saw one picture of a stealthy looking craft in the compound that had crashed but it looked too small, I think it may have been a drone. Col North said they used Blackhawks with Chinook backup, but he did say these are helicopters like you’ve never seen, but I think he meant there is shit hung all over them. The only Camanche ive ever heard of used in combat was in a Clancey novel. Gotta love the internet.

    To answer your question, the only stealth helicopter I know of was the Camanche. One of the problems is the weapons have to be internal to be stealth and that seems to cause issues, not enough room, more complexity to an already complex machine etc, and the damn things are still loud and slow so does it really help to not see it on radar? I think those are the problems.

  47. shcb Says:

    I was just reading a little on it and it looks like what I thought was a drone was the tail section so scratch that part.

  48. NorthernLite Says:

    Here is picture of the actual wreckage: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-d7avjk_-SCo/TcH8qtvRgLI/AAAAAAAAHDY/HqZKnBA-9P0/s400/USStealthHelicopterWreckageInOsamaCompound

    It doesn’t look at that damaged, at least to my amatuer eye anyways.

  49. shcb Says:

    that’s just the tail section, that is what got me too, they said the walls were 12 feet tall, I used that as a reference and thought it was a drone, too small for a helicopter to haul troops. Compare that to the picture of the Comanche you have, you can see the similarities in the tail section. One article I read said they have used technology they developed in the Comanche and modified Blackhawks to cut down on noise and signature.

  50. NorthernLite Says:

    Ahhhhhhhhh, I totally see that now. It’s only part of it… lol because I remember thinking the same thing, “looks small, how many troops could fit in that?!”

    I don’t even want to know about the other various weapons the US miltary must have up it’s sleeve that people don’t even know about.

  51. ethan-p Says:

    Um – so…hijacking the current conversation. I hate to celebrate anyone’s death. But I’m so pleased about this. I’m not necessarily proud of this – and it’s almost embarrassing that it took America almost 10 years to catch Bin Laden.

    This does dredge up some of my anger during and after 9/11/2001.

    Knarly – I’m on the fence on #6.

  52. knarlyknight Says:

    ethan – one would only care about #6 if one did not trust that there is a possibility that the military might have screwed up and killed someone who looked like OBL, or was impersonating OBL, or who wasn’t OBL at all and the military is covering their asses. None of those are plausible at all, but they are within the realm of possibility. Whatever. There’ll be pictures some day. Hopefully they’ll be more plausible than video of the fat OBL video with the gold jewelry.

  53. knarlyknight Says:


  54. NorthernLite Says:


    Well then you might like these jokes I heard today…

    “Hey, did you hear about that new drink they have in America?”

    “No, what is it?”

    “Its the Osama bin Laden – two shots and splash of water.”

    Osama bi Laden: Hide n Seek Champion, 2001-2011

    Kind of cheezy, but its fun to laugh about his death :)

  55. shcb Says:


  56. leftbehind Says:

    “I don;t trust the Ds or the Rs as far as I could bodily throw them…”

    Baloney . You trust the “D”s to a fault, you always have and you always will. The only thing that separates you from SHCB is your own background, personal biases and the letter “D.”

  57. shcb Says:

    I’m going to hazard that wasn’t a compliment. :)

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