Palin “Interviewed” by Hannity

In the interest of granting Sarah Palin equal time (to demonstrate her putzitude):

But it’s not just her; this isn’t about her.

It’s also about Sean Hannity. He’s a putz, too.

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  1. NorthernLite Says:

    “But it’s not just her; this isn’t about her.

    It’s also about Sean Hannity. He’s a putz, too.”

    Where’s the ‘Like’ button?

  2. knarlyknight Says:

    Yea, where IS that like button?

    I’d also suggest they are not just putz’s but also slimy Putzs. Not slick, just slimy.

  3. shcb Says:

    that was very good, well said.

  4. NorthernLite Says:

    Remember last summer when Beck burned a doll of Pelosi on his show and then a few weeks later her house was fire-bombed?

    Do you guys think it’s fair to hold Beck responsible for that?

  5. knarlyknight Says:

    Define “hold him responsible.”

    Criminally, of course not.

    Morally, maybe – burning effigies is a lot sick.

    Karma-wise, yes.

    But you probably have a more clear idea of what “hold him responsible” means?

  6. shcb Says:

    Only to the extent of not watching his show if you don’t like what he did. We used to get great center stage seats to any play Ed Asner was in because the owner of the seats refused to see anything with Ed or Jane Fonda, fair enough, but don’t try and censor them as some Democrat lawmakers want to do.

    That said, an act like burning a doll crosses a line, not the ultimate line but a sub line in there somewhere. You guys are probably too young to remember this but SNL did a skit the week after Henry Fonda died, they had a coffin in the scene and nothing else, the lid was raising and lowering to upbeat music with the caption “Henry Fonda Workout”. That crossed a line too, I thought it was funny but it was just in bad taste, not repulsive. Burning a politicians likeness when all she has done was get elected and do what she was elected to do no matter how against her policies you are is repulsive.

    I may have the details of the skit wrong, you can you tube I’m sure.

  7. NorthernLite Says:

    knarly, that was perfect. Actually both responses were pretty good. Thanks.

    I just find it really interesting how Beck and Palin feel so victimized when they’ve both said and done some pretty dumb things, especially Beck.

  8. shcb Says:

    I think what justifies that feeling is that they were being targeted before anyone had made any connection between this guy in Tucson and anything they had said or done. Has anyone made any connection yet? At least the Uni Bomber had a copy of AlGore’s book in his shack. There were people back then somehow blaming Gore’s environmental views for what this loony did and that was just as ridiculous.

  9. NorthernLite Says:

    I can somewhat agree with that justification. I guess I just think that it wasn’t that far of a stretch for some to make that connection. She was targeted with crosshairs, people were told to reload and she ended up getting shot in the head. I’m not saying that’s a justification for the connetion, but I’m not surpirsed that the connection was brought up as being possible.

    If that makes any sense lol.

  10. shcb Says:

    Yeah, that makes sense, but there were a bunch of other people that were in the “crosshairs” as well, and have been in other elections and they didn’t get shot. I just haven’t seen anything Palin has done that was over the top or even close, which makes it fair to blame some, capitalize some, for blaming Palin for this tragedy without cause.

    When this is all said and done there is as much chance this guy shot these people because tidley winks isn’t an olympic sport as something Palin said.

  11. knarlyknight Says:


    No, haven’t heard of any connection that would hold up in a criminal court as an instance of a direct cause and effect tie between Palin and Loughner.

    However, if you knew anything about social science statistics you would have already realized there is very likely to be a statistical connection between saying and doing repulsive / inciteful / violent things in the media that promote or imply harm to a Candidate, the number of Loughner type lunatics who hear such messages, and the resulting incidence of actual threats / violence suffered by the Candidate.

    The point many make is that media personalities and people like Palin have a responsibility (civil law) to know that such correlations exist and to act accordingly (e.g. tone your rhetoric down relative to the insanity of your audience). Neither a media persona’s proclaimed ignorance of such a correlation, nor their proclaimed inability to control what other people do, are excuses given the reality of such statistical correlations.

    As such I change my reply to NL, there may be a CIVIL court remedy to hold Beck responsible for his actions as he ought to have known they can have such effects.

    (Making a reasonably probable case for the connection may suffice in a civil action, a criminal court would require the more difficult test of proving a clear connection.)

  12. knarlyknight Says:

    Oh yea I guess because no other candidates got shot that proves there was no connection. end sarcasm & start LOL.

  13. enkidu Says:

    I tried (twice) but just couldn’t get thru this ‘interview’

    The reason people are saying there is a connection between over the top violent rhetoric/Sarah Palin and Tucson is because she and most of the rest of the right wing have amped their angry rhetoric up into really scary territory. You know you’ve crossed a line when Elizabeth Hasselbeck says your sniper gun sight graphic is appalling. Even Gabby Giffords said as much lng before the attempted assassination attempt. And super sarah’s “don’t retreat! RELOAD!” comment isn’t just a common phrase used by school children the world over… the “we hunt liberals. Though it is a waste of good ammunition” (har har!) crowd has been getting crazier and crazier and the adults haven’t reined in the rhetoric. I doubt there are any adults left in the Rs who dare stand up to the screetchier elements. craig/malkin can make a list of libs who hurt his feelings, but the list of dangerous right wing over-the-top hate speech (and actual deeds) is significantly longer.

    I’ve been saying for years that the Rs are more angry and violent in both word and deed. I will ask again, how many more need to die before the right tones down its rhetoric? Six evidently isn’t enough.
    A couple days ago, a bomb was found along a MLK day march route in Spokane. Clearly the work of some dirty f!ing hippy. Or a deranged mad man with absolutely no connection what-so-ever to the frantic drumbeat of right wing elimination rhetoric. nope.

    nothing to see here folks, the villagers have spoken

    (so I’ll whisper it: how many more must die before the right takes it down a few notches? do twelve have to die? a hundred? a thousand? everyone to the left of Ronnie Reagan?)

  14. shcb Says:

    well Knarly, no one else got shot, or got so much as a paper cut from Palin’s map or the map on the Democrats site in the last, what, 7 years. You admitted no one has even suggested this guy had even seen either of these maps, I think that means there is no connection.

  15. knarlyknight Says:


    Bullshit. I don’t recall ever “admitting” any such thing.

    Your last post was more proof positive you don’t understand the statistical / social science / probabilites of this at all. By your (ill)logic if it took 7 years to get a kook to kill one Congresswoman then that’s not so bad at all.

  16. knarlyknight Says:

    shcb = outrageous ignorance

  17. shcb Says:

    “No, haven’t heard of any connection that would hold up in a criminal court as an instance of a direct cause and effect tie between Palin and Loughner.” Now you finessed that a little with the in court part but if there had been even a smig of evidence it would have been plastered all over the press and the left wing blogs since they and the politicians have gotten so much heat over this, and you would have tossed it in my face.

  18. shcb Says:

    My point is that if a cause is repeated for 7 years without the effect, when the effect finally happens it probably wasn’t because of that cause, it was from another cause. If someone in Kansas says you better stop sleeping with your neighbor’s wife or this town will be hit by a tornado and no tornado comes close for 7 years, when it finally does hit the town it probably wasn’t because someone was sleeping with his neighbor, it was because the town was in the middle of tornado alley. Palin had as much to do with this guy killing these people as Jodi Foster did in shooting Reagan.

  19. enkidu Says:

    Well, I guess that is sort of an answer to my question… so it isn’t time to discuss toning it down even just a little until at least 2 Dem politicians have assassination attempts made on their life. Good to know I suppose.

    And the assassination of George Tiller? Or the guy that started shooting up a liberal church goaded on by right wing hate talkers? Or the guy who got in a gun battle with the cops because he was stopped driving erratically on his way to shooting up the Tides Foundation and ACLU? Or the bomb in the backpack at the MLK march this week? oh. right. some wwnj started a fight and got hims pinky tip bited. Plus, someone once had a sign that compared bush to H!tler. Stupid libs! Morans! har har har!

  20. shcb Says:

    I’m not going to tone it down, are you? Is anybody?

  21. knarlyknight Says:

    Now shcb is stretching bullshit in an attenpt oto back up his false assertion that I admitted that: “no one has even suggested this guy had even seen either of these maps.”

    Let me set the record straight: I’m positive that the Palin map was used as wallpaper at his secret hideout, I’ve heard this repeated many times in private conversations and hinted at in media interviews.

  22. enkidu Says:

    Even asking right wingers to please just consider toning down the violent rhetoric just a bit is now a ‘lynching” a “pogrom” a “blood libel” that they will defend with their Second Amendment remedies etc etc wow, nicely turned wwnjs

    So, how many machine gun shoots did the dems have? how many dems shot up a human shaped target with their opponent’s initials on it? how many sniper rifle gunsight maps did the dems have in 2010? o, right, someone once said they need to ‘target’ their efforts on winning R districts… which is totally the same as “if ballots won’t work, bullets will”! how many times did leftwingers bring assault rifles to political rallies? I suppose it is Gifford’s fault she didn’t get the message when someone shot our her campaign HQ’s front door.

    So how many times have you threatened me or others with death or violence for daring to have an opinion contrary to your own? And how many times have I threatened you with death or violence? You’ve threatened me multiple times, I’ve threatened you… lets check… right, that would be never. I’ve asked again and again to have wwnj tone it down, accept that others might be right, but pig headed ignorance and malinformed opinion makes rational ‘debate’ with wwnjs a waste of time.

    My tone is mocking and derisive, not violent and angry (like yours). I enjoy pulling your spittle flecked beard and watching the antics. It’s a hobby.

    Run Super Sarah Run! it’ll be f!ng hilarious

  23. NorthernLite Says:

    Sorry this doesn’t relate to anything here but it’s just too cool and I have to share it!

    New solar road technology could eliminate winter driving hazards

    “Scott Brusaw, a 53-year-old electrical engineer from Idaho, has already generated heaps of interest from the U.S. government and General Electric with his idea for a solar-powered roadway.

    The idea would be to ditch conventional petroleum-based asphalt in favour of a sturdy glass material that would house solar cells. The special road would have two functions – heat up the surface and generate electricity to power electric vehicles and signs on the road, even eventually homes.”

    Soooooo cool!

  24. knarlyknight Says:

    NL – & rolls of solar cell film will be coming to a Walmart near you soon too.

    Also off topic, 2010 tied with 2005 as hottest global temperature on record, despite moving from El Nino to La Nina conditions mid year.

  25. enkidu Says:

    hottest on record, but it’s all about tides (or mb sunspots, or whatever flapdoodlrey currently tickles the wwnj contingent)

    That solar road is interesting (tho at $4 million a mile, mb a bit pricey ;) but we are going to start substituting glass roadways for our current solution (which is leftovers from the refining process mixed w gravel)? I thought the idea was to put induction coils in the cars and roadway so you wouldn’t have to carry around all those batteries?

    I hear Chrysler is coming out with a hybrid vehicle that doesn’t use batteries at all: it compresses a big reservoir of hydraulic fluid and then uses that compressed energy to drive the car forward (until you need to brake, which is then converted back into stored hydraulic energy). Has a small hyper efficient gas powered engine. Of course, since the Obamacommies bailed out GM and Chrysler, these cars will only be available in one color (commie red!) and one style “the Trabant” (catchy name!) Start lining up at your commisar’s office now.

    Oh wait, wasn’t one of wwnj’s big hurdles to wind/solar/green tech that there was no good way to store the energy (ignoring the fact that most industry happens when the sun is, you know, shining?) dirty f!ing hippies and their ‘science’ and ‘math’ eh?


  26. NorthernLite Says:

    That’s cool too, knarly! (the rolls of solar cell film, that is – not more evidence of our human-induced planet warming :)

    Yeah, enk, 4.4 million per mile is a little steep lol but still, like all other new technologies it will come down. I’m just so happy to see good folks dedicating their scientific expertise to make our planet more sustainable.

    People are coming up with really great ideas!

  27. knarlyknight Says:


    The E.P.A. said that this type of system could provide a fuel-efficiency increase from 30 to 35 percent over all and up to 60 percent in purely city driving, as compared to a similar vehicle with a conventional power train.


  28. Craig Says:

    Enkidu, I am curious. If shcb has indeed made direct threats of death and violence to you and others here, why has no legal action been pursued? I assume that you believe it is real or else why would you bring it up and characterize it as such? At the very least John would have stepped in and disabled shcb’s account and you probably could have gotten his actual identity through the site registration.

    So, either he has committed a serious act of terroristic threat to you (and others) with a odd level of unconcern by you or the site operator, or maybe you are being a bit hyperbolic in your description?

    Exit question: Why would someone continue to converse, and heap insults, upon a person who is making direct threats of death and violence to them?

  29. enkidu Says:

    I think you know the answer to all those questions Craig, as I’ve stated it many times before. In fact I stated it just a couple posts ago.

    My tone is mocking and derisive, not violent and angry (like yours). I enjoy pulling your spittle flecked beard and watching the antics. It’s a hobby.

    Plus, I enjoy John’s podcasts and wit.

  30. enkidu Says:

    And to answer your questions… do you mean shcb saying things like impaled and burned at the stake (or worse) or something along the lines of line em all up an shoot em or nuking mexico cuz them pesky mud hut ‘people’ is stealing American jobs or how he longed to smash a lib’s glass in her face for disagreeing (oh my!) or (etc etc) To be sure you don’t use language of violent and possibly psychopathic nature, but you carry water for those who do (I mean fercrissakes your big bad list of awful libs came from michelle malkin! do I quote Pravda? give me a break). And as I’ve said before ol avuncular wwnj is *much* less of a crazy talker than say TeacherVet (tho they both have oddly locquatious writing styles… hmmmm) or Patriot or that jolly fellow – Sgt Slaughter I believe his name was – who promised to make lampshades from jbc and his family (or some such jocular turn of a phrase! ho ho! just words eh? no biggee!)

    You’ve spent a lot of ‘lectronic ink saying liberals are just as bad (or worse!) but I haven’t seen you call for civility and a less recklessly violent rhetoric.

    Putting a sniper gun sight on a politician isn’t right. Saying “don’t retreat! RELOAD!” (her caps) It incites the crazies. The radical right has shifted the normal discourse of our country into bizzaro land, where the right is decrying a pogrom of libs lynching right wing Patriots who dare decry the horrid blood libel that is fauxnewz.

    Maybe there is some of this coming the other direction, but there is a lot more (and a lot more actual violence) coming from the right wing’s direction. Remember? We libs is all peace loving dirty f!ing hippies? Peace love and what was I talking about?

    We would just appreciate it greatly if the conservatives would bring the stratospheric level of hate talk down to a more reasonable level. Is that just too too much to ask? Looks like it.

  31. shcb Says:

    I have John’s email, I will be happy to provide my address and phone numbers if he wants (I think he may already have it from previous cantacts), then you can call the police if there is cause.

  32. knarlyknight Says:

    Implied threats are difficult to address, especially for the police.

    – just noticed the War Nerd is back, he’s always good for reminding us of how violent life really could be:

  33. knarlyknight Says:

  34. knarlyknight Says:

  35. shcb Says:

    Here is how Enky read that War Nerd piece “bla bla bla, mud hut, bla bla bla, stupd racst war nordy muther, I’ll bet he has a commy flag in his garage.”

  36. enkidu Says:

    sigh (again) I am simply saying (over and over, it gets tiresome really) that right wingers see violence as a perfectly reasonable method of discourse. A fine solution to those vexing mudhut critters (prairie dogs in another long-winded analogy) or troublesome libs. Your speech is peppered with violent language to the degree that you don’t even see it is corrosive any more. By comparison, I’ve been mocking and derisive, but at least I haven’t threatened you with various gruesome deaths (or violence of any kind afaik).

    Going postal isn’t exclusively a right wing nutjob phenomena, but the numbers don’t look good for you (I’ll spell it out yet again: there is a hell of a lot more violence and violent rhetoric coming from the right in the US).

    This sort of rhetoric has had a deleterious effect on America. Anyone who disagrees with you is a commie, socialist, nazi prairie dog deserving nothing but guns, poison, nukes and death (or worse! yes, I am exaggerating and mashing up all that stuff you’ve said for effect) Could you look at Tucson and say, yeah, we should work more on civility. Nope. Any criticism is a pogrom, a lynching a heinous blood libel… note that these are all direct quotes from ‘big name’ right wingers. And the right wing reaction here has been to say the left does it too and and you’re a poopyhead for even bringing it up! Sorry, is poopyhead too much now? Even the word bullshit is too much now. Don’t want to upset the delicate amongst us.

    I suppose the next time this happens, we’ll have the same damn discussion, but now the trigger (ooops bad metaphor) will be three assassination attempts before we can talk about toning it down. Just another crazy person. Nothing to see here.


    I’ve read the war nerd in the past and that was a typically entertaining post. He’s a good writer in a conversational, chatty nerdy wargasm way. The Thug Plan. lol I’ll guarantee that I’ve read way more war nerd or right wing sites than wwnj or say craig has read juan cole or digby or (horrors) huffpo. whtv

  37. knarlyknight Says:

    My vocabulary keeps growing exponentially the more I read Lies

    “Wargasm” !

    “The Thug Plan!” courtesy Gary B.

    Getting so ejucated here!

  38. NorthernLite Says:

    Heh, “Wargasm” made me chuckle too.

  39. knarlyknight Says:

    there’s going to be more wargasms with the new Afg strategy, Mr. Brecher would approve:

    Afghan village wiped from the map with 25 tons of coalition bombs:
    Hey, there’s pictures!

  40. shcb Says:

    So does this mean you’re going to start treating me with dignity and respect Enky?

  41. knarlyknight Says:

    You do realize that custom dictates the only valid reply to that question is “go f*** yourself”, eh shcb?

  42. shcb Says:

    Yeah, but Enky won’t spell that many words correctly.

  43. knarlyknight Says:

    yea, forgot about that. good luck.

  44. enkidu Says:

    But I already do treat you with all the dignity and respect you that you have earned, which is to say very little to none.

    Did I spell everything properly?

  45. shcb Says:

    That’s what I thought you would say, thanks for being consistent.

  46. knarlyknight Says:

    You two make a nice couple.

    A little present for the wing nut (and a little mental excercise for the others): ;

  47. shcb Says:

    We do don’t we Knarly:) But there is a moral here. This is why this whole civility ruse is just that, people in politics are never going to be civil to each other, sure they may be for a while, but only because they think they have something to gain from doing so.

    What Enky has done here is illustrate in one short post how this will be done, he thinks there are people who don’t deserve respect, and there are, but he has taken the liberty to distort and fabricate things I have said to give me that distinction. Once you do that you can justify being uncivil to whomever you want while holding them to a higher standard because if they stoop to your level that will be justification that you were correct in them not deserving respect. Neat trick if you can pull it off.

    Quick story, when I got to Atlanta Sunday I took a short hike in a park, a guy came up to me and started a conversation (I attract these people like flies) I did nothing but say good afternoon. He went on and on about how everything in this country, the world for that matter was a conspiracy, 911? Kennedy Assassination? Bay of pigs? All were conspiracies. You would have liked him. I just wanted to go for a walk in the woods, I finally had to be almost rude to get away from him, but that’s ok maybe I made an old man a little happy by spending 15 minutes listening to him.

    That has nothing to do with anything, Thanks for the link, it is probably a little too far to the other side of the argument but at least it is nice to get some balance.

  48. enkidu Says:

    wwnj, perhaps you should look up the definitions of the words “earned” (my word) and “deserve” (your word).

    As an illustration of this, perhaps it would be instructive to examine the case of Mr Smith, a newer poster at Mr Smith came along some time ago and appeared at first to be very serious about ‘debating’ wwnj. Mr Smith was, perhaps understandably, scornful of my mocking approach to wwnj. It didn’t take long for Mr Smith to realize that you were full of it and ‘debate’ with you is a waste of time. Oh sure, you can add a homey anecdote, like the one above that has nothing to do with anything (how delightfully typical!) but mixing in some homey nonsense doesn’t make the rest of the nonsense any more sensical.

    I think the big problem is that wwnjs in general draw their ‘facts’ from easily debunked right wing nonsense, but take it as gospel. Then feel their bs (is it ok to use the more polite abbreviation?) deserves respect. Funny to hear you lecture anyone on civility. Perhaps ironic is a better word (ps – how is my spelling so far?)

    But just to have some fun, please point out where I have distorted or fabricated your words. You said “mud hut countries” “burned at the stake (or worse)” ‘the financial meltdown is the fault of mexicans and negroes’ (I’m sure you used more colorful language, so I’m paraphrasing a bit) plus wonderful analogies like nuking mexico, killing all them pesky mexic… errr I mean prairie dogs. Was it you or knarly or both who went on about putting an axe in the face of John Edwards? Or your fantasy about smashing a woman’s wine glass in her face for daring to disagree with your nonsense. There are, of course, plenty of other examples.

    Can you identify even a single instance where I threatened you with death (or worse! ;)

  49. knarlyknight Says:

    whoa there Enk, me no fantasize about ax to head ever, that hits too close to home. iirc, someone mentioned his wife would’ve got more respect if she’d done that rather than suffered his adultery, don’t think that would be me…

    The “irony” in shcb’s second paragraph is more than astounding, it is near record breaking in all respects.

    And finally, shcb is completely wrong again in his imagining what I like and do not like, he says “All were conspiracies. You would have liked him.” No, I would have hated him for his intrusion into my space and would have told him to leave me alone so I could enjoy the park.

  50. enkidu Says:

    Is it a distortion to call a hatchet an axe? I would say not, as a hatchet is simply a small axe. Did I spell it correctly?

    shcb Says:
    August 11th, 2008 at 3:19 pm
    that was good, I would like to see on of these jilted wives stand by her man with that look they all have, one of admiration with just a hint of sadness until the cameras and his excuses are rolling real good and then just knee the son of a bitch in the groin, smile to the camera and walk off stage.

    knarlyknight Says:
    August 11th, 2008 at 6:24 pm
    or bury a hatchet between his eyes. No jury would convict.

    shcb Says:
    August 11th, 2008 at 6:42 pm
    seeing the look on the Washington Press’ face as he fell backward with blood trickling down his nose, the hatchet handle vibrating in the air would be priceless. that felt good, been one of those days

    Nothing to make you feel all warm n fuzzy like a good murder fantasy eh wwnj?

    This is exactly the sort of talk that I am talking about. Oh right, sorry, no pattern at all, nothing to see here. Move along folks. So if beck’s insane ramblings about Frances Fox Piven gets her killed (and she’s receiving death threats) then can we talk about toning the rhetoric down? Or do two elderly leftys have to be murdered? Or will two not be enough and when we get to two it’ll be three or four…

    I liked Edwards message about ‘we are getting to be a two class society – the very rich and everyone else’. He was the only candidate talking about poverty in America (you know, the general welfare?) I too think he did her a major wrong by cheating on her, but murderous fantasies aren’t a good solution. Elizabeth Edwards is gone now, and I for one greatly miss her voice of reason, compassion and common sense. So little of that these days.

  51. NorthernLite Says:

    The level of detail in that last shcb quote is somewhat disturbing…

  52. knarlyknight Says:

    So I brought forth the image of a hatchet between the eyes? I’m apalled, apalled I tell you. (Enk, it wasn’t an axe, that would have been harsh ;-)

    In my defence, anyone would have been provoked to images of violence by the Globe and Mail’s article (to which I linked in my post previous to the hatchet piece) where Edwards is dehumanized into a scumbag.

    Also in my defence, it is probable that I was merely testing the waters to see what kind of a reaction such a violent comment would bring from the bloodthirsty wwnj, and in hindsight it shows me as a masterful Tactition, yea, that’s it, I’m a Masterful Tactition.

    No wait, I just received a message from my attorney. He reminds me that what I meant back in 2008 was that she should make him read the 1987 Newbery Honor-winning wilderness survival novel written by Gary Paulsen called “Hatchet” over and over again until the ideas of self-sacrifice and valour are burned into his mind and thus erase all his hedonistic thoughts. Thus, I said “no jury would convict” because no crime would have been committed; obviously if she literally struck him with a real hatchet between the eyes then most if not all juries would convict her. Right, that’s obvious. So no way could I have meant a real hatchet.

  53. shcb Says:

    That’s what I like about Enky, he usually makes my point for me. The Mud Hut Country remark is of course possibly the classic example of a remark that has been exaggerated and misstated, and no matter how often I have explained it, it continues to be misstated, and why not, the audience has bought the lie.

    But since you brought up the axe/hatchet murder let’s take it on. Now of course Knarly nor I wished anyone to be murdered with an axe any more than Kubrick did in the Shining, it’s just a story, you know, make believe. Understand Knarly that you too have now been branded and no amount of groveling or explanation can save you. The philosopher king Enky has determined that what you said makes you fair game to ridicule but you can’t return the favor because nothing he has ever said rises to the level of us mere mortal’s transgressions.

    Now this is all fun and games here on this little blog but remember at the very least; Rep. Louise Slaughter, D-N.Y, Rep. Robert Brady, D-Pa, Rep. James Clyburn, D-S.C. all three threatened to offer legislation that would make this kind of political censoring the law of the land. Can you imagine how convoluted that would become as the parties change hands every few years?

  54. knarlyknight Says:


    Enkido is no philosopher king, he’s half wildman and you’d do well to remember that. Would make (quote) life (unquote) a lot easier for you here. :-)

    Are you seriously suggesting that free speech political censorship of that magnitude is actually on the table in the land of the free (question mark)
    I find that hard to believe. Seriously, you are not that gullible to actually believe that is a viable option. That would be like believing something like the Patriot Act could actullay get passed into law and then unbeleivably be renewed by the next administration from the other party.

    By the way, I think you scored some points in the last post. And that is rare praise from me.

    On another topic, I like this video. Were it not just traffic court it would be more awesome. There has got to be some truth somewhere in the concept of common law and free men having authority above that of serfs shudderign under the demands of their (quote) rulers (unquote).

  55. shcb Says:

    I don’t think they stood much chance of getting the laws they wanted passed, I don’t think they even brought legislation to the floor but they made comments they thought free speech should be limited, mostly in the media. It is the way these thoughts get planted. My connection is really slow here in the hotel, I’ll look at your video some other time, looks interesting the little I could see.

  56. knarlyknight Says:

    the video re-inforces a meme I read a while back that for example if you don’t register your kids with a birth certificate they are more free as in a ree person in the world (e.g. do not have to pay taxes when older, are not subject to political borders (yea right)) but they cannot access government programs. That sounds dumb, there’s a more intelligent explanation somewhere, but I’ve yet to find a credible source addressing that idea. the video is a variation on that theme.

    Aaah, slow internet connection. Here’s a noon-video link on another subject; China, this blow my mind:

    but “blow my mind” is sort of like Dubai’s “the world” islands project two or three years ago, however it seems like it is now doomed by (a) low occupancy and (b) it is sinking back into the ocean! (not LOL but rather sqto i.e. Snicker Quietly To Oneself.)

    Here’s another one for you, we all know this intuitively already, right (?), this is news just to the Brits:

  57. knarlyknight Says:

    or is it?

  58. shcb Says:

    That is the area I worked in China, it is pretty amazing, our plant is sort of south east of Guangzhou and we spent the last night in Zhunai. We drove through that whole area the next to last day we were there, lots of people. Our host said that 25 years ago it was nothing but farm land.

    I’ll read the gun control article this evening if I have time, you know how business travel is, I only have two more days to get 6 days of work done.

  59. NorthernLite Says:


    Gary Paulsen’s “Hatchet” is one of my all-time favourite books :)

  60. knarlyknight Says:

    Okay then I’ll add it to my list of must reads. BTW, does the book have themes of “self-sacrifice and valour” or did I guess wrong about that? ;-)

  61. enkidu Says:

    I didn’t exaggerate or distort shcb’s rather odd rejoinder to knarls itchy and scratchy moment. At least knarly said it was a joke and his other posts aren’t full of the same sort of thing. But shcb’s post gives you a kinda creepy feeling that he’d really like to let it fly. And there are lots more examples where that sort of stuff came from (now with extra racism! mm mm m!)

    Still waiting for you to either a) show where I’ve exaggerated or distorted your words wwnj or b) where I’ve threatened you with violence, death (or worse! ;)

    I’m sure it’ll be a long wait.

    Funny how even asking wwnjs to please just dial it back down to 11 is now so over the top, it can’t even be discussed. Much less ‘debated’.

  62. knarlyknight Says:

    Does America have a hate speach law?

    We do in Canada, for example people who suggest that Israel has aggressive and brutal foreign policies and deny that the Holocaust happened to the extent common knowledge and the history books report that it did, can spend years wrapped up in court trying to stay out of prison.

    whoops, the doorbell just rang, I’ll be right back…

  63. shcb Says:

    :) tell the boys in the suits and sunglasses hi, I’ll put the tea pot on.

  64. shcb Says:

    gotta love Enky, he wants an example of his exagerating what I say, was he reading this thread? He just exagerated not only me but Knarly as well

  65. shcb Says:

    “Funny how even asking wwnjs to please just dial it back down to 11 is now so over the top, it can’t even be discussed. Much less ‘debated’.”

    Isn’t that what we are doing here? Who said we can’t debate or talk about the issue? Another fine example of exaggeration and distortion. My point, or prediction, is (a) after all the debate and discussion nothing will have changed, and (b) if change does occur and we start acting more civilly it should come from people wanting to act more civil and not from the passage of laws mandating such actions.

  66. enkidu Says:

    So quoting your exact words is now exaggeration? Who knew?

    Just make sure the missus has a plate of those scrumptious blueberry scones.

  67. shcb Says:

    Of course you can exaggerate exact words, technically you can’t but you can exaggerate the meaning of those exact words, I’m sure there is a more eloquent term but I’m a simple man. We don’t toss people in jail for conspiracy to commit murder when they say “people that drive 10 miles under the speed limit in the fast lane should be shot!” for good reason. You have exonerated Knarly of course because he is an ally, in political terms you need his vote, you will never get my vote so you don’t care. So many lessons to be learned here on this simple blog.

  68. knarlyknight Says:

    Fox News is now providing a voice to people who witnessed agents get the Underwear Bomber on the plane after initially being refused for not having the required passport.

  69. shcb Says:

    what are you doing watching fox news? you will get kicked out of the club if you’re not careful

  70. knarlyknight Says:

    maybe it was a link from

    like this one: thirty nine seconds of a first hand on the scene video interview account of bombs at 911 that was hidden from public view until uncovered within a FOI dump from 2010:

  71. shcb Says:

    I finally read the gun control article Knarly, he makes some good points but what he misses is that there are many groups that have that same dynamic, radical greens, abortionists pro or anti, union members themselves have unions as an issue that gives an inordinate amount of power to a small minority. The perceived problem he sees is diluted by these many factions.

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