The Mountain Dew/Pee Bully Trap

Kind of an interesting case: A relative of a close friend helped a school bully drink piss, and now the family is suing. Is he liable? : AskReddit.

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  1. shcb Says:

    this one’s easy, fire the principal and give the kid a pat on the back. We’re always hearing about how bullys are such a problem, here is a kid that fixed the problem, more should learn from him.

  2. enkidu Says:

    yeah I read the article, its comments and the bb comments too.

    here is the way I see it: good on ya kid! bully’s suck and he got what he deserved

    now from a perhaps more ‘adult’ or legal viewpoint… well, Todd is not legally obligated to not carry around his piss in a bottle. If he had to go, and going would have broken the law (or whtvr), well he did a smart thing by pissing in a bottle rather than his pants or someplace really inappropriate. Now his intent does come into it, but Brian broke the societal compact (ugh) by stealing Todd’s soda. If Brian is so damn dumb that he drank the full 16 oz, well, Brian’s parents need to get help with Brian on a bunch of fronts. He probably took a big swig then thought, holy crap this Mountain Dew tastes so much better! glug glug glug

    On the other hand, what if Todd had boobytrapped the soda with a caustic soda, sulfuric acid or D&D style ‘contact poison’? Clearly the school does not want tons of people ‘making a D20 saving roll’ (in real life) to avoid dying (in real life). Brian is a bully, but if Todd never spoke up about it to his teachers and parents, then he needs to accept some blame/punishment as well. But the onus is clearly on Brian: he would have ingested zero atoms of Todd’s piss if he hadn’t stolen something that obviously wasn’t his. Brian should be expelled for longer than Todd etc.

    It’s like the whole pinky biter incident: if you sucker punch a rude person and then try to gouge his eyes out, you may get the end of your widdle pinky bited off. Maybe next time instead of going for aggravated assault, you should just laugh in their face and say FU back, then ignore.

  3. shcb Says:

    I know how you love my homespun tales so here goes. I have a good friend that did the same thing, seems local kids were stealing beer from the porch of his cabin so some of his friends (he doesn’t drink during the week) filled a case of bottles and he iced them down. He tells the story with a glint in his eye “the ice glistened off those bottles, they looked so good I almost drank one”. Sure enough the next week the ice chest was gone come Sunday morning. The ranger stopped by later that day to say he had found an ice chest with my buddy’s name on it, and only 3 six packs of “beer”. He told the ranger what he had done, they got a good laugh out of it and went on their way, hasn’t lost a beer since.

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