Girl Want Steak. Want Now.

My son is 12, and finicky about what he eats, so the lead from this item by Ed Bruske resonated with me:

Like every family, we’ve had our food battles with our 10-year-old daughter. With great dismay, we watched a pre-schooler who amazed us with the range of her palate (she couldn’t get enough Altoids or wasabe peas) morph into a bratty pre-teen who turns dinner into a slugfest with a litany of foods she refuses to eat.

“What’s for dinner?” is no longer an innocent question, but the opening salvo of our nightly culinary donnybrook.

For the rest, see: My daughter, grass-fed rib-eye fanatic.

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  1. shcb Says:

    The older the kids get the more you find yourself saying “it’s better than sex, drugs and rock and roll” to whatever they happen to be into at the time, unless it’s sex, drugs or rock and roll. I had one daughter that was into opera, that crossed the line.

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