Dorothy Davidson’s Fun with Photoshop

Isn’t local politics fun? Bessemer mayoral candidate Dorothy Davidson claims Nick Saban endorsement, passing out fliers with altered photo.

See also the update, in which Davidson’s campaign manager takes the blame: Bessemer mayoral candidate’s campaign manager admits he lied about endorsement from Alabama Coach Nick Saban.

4 Responses to “Dorothy Davidson’s Fun with Photoshop”

  1. Smith Says:

    It’s pretty sad that this much value is placed on the endorsement of a college football coach.

  2. knarlyknight Says:

    Yea Smith, so true.

    Same day, different local politics:

    Mr. Ford’s bad Thursday began when he called a 9 a.m. news conference to explain a story in a local newspaper that said the candidate had forgotten until reminded of it that he beat a charge of possessing a marijuana cigarette.

    “I completely forgot about it until you mentioned it right now. You think I’m BSing you, but I’m not. It completely, totally slipped my mind,” he is quoted as telling the newspaper.

    Now I for one, and I’m sure Northernlite will back me up on this, well, it’s just that many of us can totally understand how that could slip his mind. Now if it was a full joint I wouldn’t be so forgiving, but since it was half of a spliff it makes perfect sense. What’s the problem there, NL? For Christ sake our premier is a convicted drunk driving felon…



  3. Craig Says:

    And a bad photoshop picture, at that!

    In Birmingham Alabama, an endorsement and picture with the head coach of Alabama is like having the approval of God! Football doesn’t get any more serious than it does down there.

    I’m not sure I like this candidate’s excuse that she was misinformed that Coach Saban was okay with having someone photoshopped into a picture with him. A person with integrity would rather leave any apparent endorsement as a verbal one rather than risk tarnishing it with an altered photo that could be discovered and turned into a negative issue.

    Sounds either naive or fishy. Neither is good.

  4. shcb Says:

    I agree with you Craig, I spent the night in Birmingham last week, nice town, wonderful people, driving around town to get something to eat at 9:00 pm I thought I was in Mayberry. But evidentially the politicians aren’t very skilled, maybe that’s why I liked it.

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