Meg Whitman’s Fail Blog Fail

Meg Whitman apparently thinks it’s fine to just make stuff up, and to do so in situations in which it’s trivial to call her on it. For example, she used a fake Fail Blog screenshot in this recent ad:

Except the operators of Fail Blog say the image was a fake created by the Whitman campaign; they never ran such an item: Honesty Fail.

This isn’t a huge transgression, obviously. But in the context of some of her other comments (challenging reporters to research her voter registration record, when she actually hadn’t been registered; asserting that the incident in which she shoved an employee at eBay was a verbal dispute), it starts to look like a pattern.

7 Responses to “Meg Whitman’s Fail Blog Fail”

  1. shcb Says:

    this seems to be working pretty well for them, they are getting a bunch of free pub for their little site, JBC seems to be the story of choice as well, good job big guy!

  2. shcb Says:

    I think this is really more interesting

  3. Smith Says:

    Someone needs to put Palin in a dumpster. Not kill her, just toss her out like the spoiled leftovers of a rotten meal.

  4. shcb Says:

    she would hop right out , make a joke about it and be more popular than ever, you gotta love that that about her. I liked the poor man’s teleprompter, hmm wonder who that was a jab at.

  5. enkidu Says:

    More than 70% of Americans think Palin is not qualified to hold office (certainly not the Presidency, she’d quit half way thru).

    She is making tons of money giving incoherent ‘speeches’ where she blames everything on Obama and the libs (grrrrrrr!)

    I think this guy is a hoot! All his videos play like something out of The Onion:

    “tyrannical healthcare bill” “income taxes is slavery/the holocaust” “blah blah blah!” I love the zombie army shuffling along behind him. Brains! We lack Braaaaaaaains!

    I think Super Sarah just found her running mate.

    psssst – Alabama gets $1.66 for every $1.00 they pay in fed income taxes (California gets $0.78)

  6. Smith Says:

    “I liked the poor man’s teleprompter, hmm wonder who that was a jab at.”



  7. shcb Says:

    Wow! Enky and Smith in the same room together, well, there goes that theory.

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