Greg Laden on Asshatitude

Greg Laden tells a funny story, on his way to making a larger point about computer-mediated social interactions: The Evolution of Asshatitude on The Internet.

Matini chewed hungrily on the cooked forearm of the monkey as I watched, thinking, “WTF, is he really not going to share?”

I’m not sure I agree completely with Laden’s conclusion, but the monkey-arm story was fun.

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  1. knarlyknight Says:

    That was very good, as far as generalizations go, but I also sense a slow steady shift away from asshatitude on various comment sections of various sites. One of the interesting thing about Lies comments is how it seems that different “regulars” have different motives for leaving comments, yet there are some similarities, and I’ve noticed a shift among some people over the last year or two while others have remained as before…

  2. knarlyknight Says:

    speaking of which… ;-)

  3. knarlyknight Says:

    here’s one:

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