(New) Trailers for (Old) Tron

Continuing my program of making lies.com completely superfluous for anyone who also reads Boing Boing, here are some fun faux trailers for the original Tron:

First up, Hexagonall’s Saul-Bass style trailer (now I know who Brad Bird was riffing on in The Incredibles’ title sequence):

Tron vs. Saul Bass from Hexagonall on Vimeo.

That one was fun as a warm-up, but this one by DrewboiX really is fairly awesome. Can you imagine if they’d use this for the original trailer? It would have blown our tiny little early-80’s minds:

For comparison purposes, here’s the real original trailer. We sure had longer attention spans back then, didn’t we?

Finally, to round things out, here’s the Tron Legacy teaser trailer:

124 Responses to “(New) Trailers for (Old) Tron”

  1. enkidu Says:

    I have to agree with some of the BB posters, the fan remake of the 1982 trailer is very slick, but perhaps suffers from all the bad things about current film trailer visuals. A sort of twitterfied hyperkinetic cutting style that ends with a droning sound and the big logo.

    Interesting that the 2010 Tron Legacy trailer is actually slightly longer and has a much more engaging pacing and ‘story’. It also ends on the big logo drone music thing, but the flickering, decaying logo gives it just that hint of menace… something is going terribly wrong in there…

    Casting Bridges again, brilliant (expected?)
    We’ll netflix the old one just to refresh the ram buffer.
    And let the kids see it.

  2. knarlyknight Says:

    Greenwald nails it at the end.


  3. shcb Says:

    They clearly weren’t unarmed, you can plainly see at least one rifle and one side arm. I would also have liked to see what happened before the start of the clip, why did the start the clip in mid sentence? And why were they the only people on the street?

  4. knarlyknight Says:

    Silly shcb, in this Iraq civil strife with multiple factions nearly everyone carries a weapon for their own protection.

    That only one or two people in that group were armed is what’s remarkable about that group milling around the treet, clearly not engaged in any aggressive operation. Sad that the helicopter crew mistook the Reuter’s journalists’ camera for a rpg launcher, oops their bad.

    Then go ahead and kill the first people on the scene when they stop to help the wounded??? That’s murder & a war crime & brutal behaviour worthy of Nazis. If you aren’t ashamed of that then you are a psychopath.

  5. knarlyknight Says:

    I’m sure the full clip is available from Wikileaks, if not on-line then by request, so go ahead and take a look. I’m willing to bet the reason the clip started there was because nothing was happening in the film before then.

  6. knarlyknight Says:

    Wonder why they were the only people in the street eh?

    A. it was hot outside.
    B. it was lunch time.
    C. everyone else were fighting in the western suburbs?
    D. it was unsafe to be outside due to all the sectarian killings in Baghdad over the previous six years.
    E. there had been a protest or other unrest and these guys were the first out to see if it was safe or take pictures.
    F. they were the only ones unaware that murderous Americans were in the air with awesome weapons of mass destruction.

  7. shcb Says:

    It was pretty cool though. I have a couple 30mm slugs on my desk, they are scary just sitting there, I can’t imagine having them explode at your feet at thousands of feet per second. That block wall was like drywall.

  8. enkidu Says:

    this has been another episode of What Glen Said

    wwnj, please just skip to the end of the video and listen to what a smart decent liberal journalist has to say. Rather than just wallowing in the coolness of killing innocent people. The blood lust is kind of sickening.

    One guy has a (maybe?) rifle so a dozen people have to die? Killing wounded unarmed ‘combatants’ also ‘cool’? Killing unarmed medical rescuers is ‘cool’ too? Those are war crimes iirc. heck of a job. But neocon nutbars want to invade Iran now? Seriously?

    I don’t think you wwnjs ever had a moral compass.

    It was a tragic mistake. The whole lie of a war is a tragic mistake (that we poured a few trillion dollars into).

  9. NorthernLite Says:

    wow knarly, that video really shows how real the Call of Duty combat experience is. There’s missions in that game where you operate the cannon from the chopper and it looks EXACTLY like that. Of course, I’m just shooting at make believe enemies so it’s not quite the same, wait a minute…

  10. knarlyknight Says:

    enk, the smart decent liberal journalist does not speak wwnj, ergo shcb won’t understand the end of the video.

    NL, that was funny. Imagine the savings of launching thousands of drones over an occupied country and letting ordinary folks control the firepower from their PC’s, iphones and iPads. That’d teach ’em to respect our democracy and freedoms.

  11. shcb Says:

    We’ve learned some lessons here, if you’re going to hang out with the guys in a war zone, it’s best to pick the folks with air superiority, don’t wear the uniform of the guys that don’t wear uniforms and don’t take your kids into a gunfight, especially when aircraft with big guns are loitering a mile or two away, one last lesson, if you are going to drive your car into a firefight, make sure you put the red cross on the roof first. I counted three guns from just one grainy pause, the rest were probably seen being dropped in the frames that didn’t make the director’s cut.

  12. shcb Says:

    As far as the end of the video; he’s an idiot, what is his alternative, let them kill us?

  13. knarlyknight Says:


  14. knarlyknight Says:

    omg. that defines arrogant, pathological, ignorance worthy of the Nazi SS.

  15. shcb Says:

    ouch! that’s gonna leave a mark

  16. knarlyknight Says:

    That wasn’t the intent. The intent was to get you to realize what sort of people you are supporting.

  17. shcb Says:

    Better be careful, the Canadian thought police (CTP) will haul you off in cuffs for calling me and my type SS

  18. knarlyknight Says:

    Canada’s laws on “inciting hatred against an identifiable group” does not apply to condemnation of murderers and their enablers.

  19. enkidu Says:

    so wwnj, did you read about any guns or RPGs recovered from the scene?
    there weren’t any as far as I have read

    but you are sure you saw at least one rifle and one side arm
    no camera, no cell phone? really?

    no one in that video was shooting, no one was in a defensive position, no crouching, no scuttling about, nothing
    just guys standing around with cameras, families walking sedately
    no tension, no fighting, just a couple journalists doing their job

    once the shooting starts do any RPGs explode?
    does anyone shoot back?
    no and no
    they try to get away

    when a van comes on the scene and tries to evacuate the wounded, no one has a weapon anywhere, but these guys kill a few more innocents just for the hell of it…
    laughing all the while

  20. knarlyknight Says:

    Any idea why the code names in the dialogue are “crazy horse” & “Bush Master” ?

  21. enkidu Says:

    crazy horse – figure from american history
    bush master – kind of snake, also a mfgr of M16 and AR15 rifles

  22. shcb Says:

    yup, camera, cell phone, rifle, sidearm. don’t stand by folks with rifles and sidearms when they might get shot from a mile away by a half pound projectile.

  23. Smith Says:

    Hahaha, shcb has reached new levels of depravity.

    Kill all them mud people, ooh-rah. Death to children. USA #1.

    He also apparently believes we should kill all gun owners. Better warn the Teabaggers.

  24. shcb Says:

    if their shootin at ya, shoot back

  25. Smith Says:

    And if they aren’t, shoot their kids anyway.

  26. enkidu Says:

    wait a second, no one on the ground was shooting anything (bullets or film/video) I watched it with my own eyes fer cryin out loud! Now there are multiple rifles? Shooting? Really?

    oh wait, it is just more wwnj bs

  27. knarlyknight Says:

    Then shoot the poor sob’s that stumble upon the scene later when they try to take the wounded to hospital. The Nazi’s would be proud.

  28. Smith Says:

    Were the Nazis known for shooting medics?

  29. shcb Says:

    That is why it is important to know what happened before the clip started, there was fighting nearby before this happened, that is why air support was called in, they were called in to kill the enemy, pure and simple. My guess is these guys were running from the direction of the fighting, some of them had guns, the logical tactic would be for them would be to engage the Americans and then stow their weapons , blend into the civilians and live to fight another day. This is why the men in the air wanted to get clearance to fire so quickly, they knew that they only had a few seconds to shoot before the bad guys were gone.

    The guy that took his kids into the fight was at fault here, he purposely put his kids (civilians) at risk, which is against the rules of war. The van was a threat in a battle, it can and should have been engaged, it had no Red Cross markings on it neither did he, he was wearing the same uniform as the combatants, street clothes, he is fair game.

    Our medics in WWII were plainly marked, as were our ambulances.

  30. shcb Says:

    Just because someone isn’t shooting at you at the moment doesn’t mean you can’t kill them, in fact most of military strategy revolves around killing them before they have the chance to unsling their weapons.

  31. enkidu Says:

    no one was fighting in the video
    no one was running
    no one using cover
    no one had weapons (other than a camera and tripod)

    in the ME, it is the red crescent, not the red cross (moran)
    a van with unarmed civs is a threat to a helicopter a mile away?
    anyone in civilian clothes is the enemy?

    your imagination is running wild trying to ‘justify’ the murder of a bunch of mud hut people

    The Bad Guys

    I think you are a Very Bad Guy

  32. Smith Says:

    And with that, shcb has circled back around to demanding that we kill all gun owners. Better send some choppers out to the next Teabag party. I hope they don’t drive vans, or shcb may want to nuke them.

  33. shcb Says:

    This is why we don’t want people that don’t know the difference between wartime and peacetime running things, where is Andrew Jackson when we need him.

  34. knarlyknight Says:

    Dead. Aah yes, the good ‘ole days of shcb’s fantasies.

    Andrew Jackson. He’d clear all them thar Arabs off the arab oil fields quicker than he “cleared” the Indians off the plains – and he’d do it cheap what with all them blacks already with the US military in the middle east who could be turned back into slaves. Would need to buy a lot more ammunition as there are millions of young Iraqis that would need to be disposed of… but then again he’d have poison gas in his arsenal this time around so that should aid efficiency, a la Nazis.

    So, what’ll be shcb, anouther six months or so until this Iraqi thing is under control and the human beings living there are back to their substandard of living before your country bombed the shit out of them and occupied their lands?

  35. shcb Says:

    30 years.

    Iraq seems to be fairly well in control now, thanks in large part to the Surge, where this event occurred.

  36. knarlyknight Says:

    Is that what pyjama pants is telling you, that Iraq is fairly well in control now??? Reality to wwnj universe: this just from todays news: http://www.thestar.com/news/world/iraq/article/791349–iraq-bombings-sparks-fears-of-civil-war If you had that kind of action in Denver, would you say Colarado seems to be fairly well in control now?

    Well finally your talking points hit on more realistic time frame, whatever happened to the continuously advancing a few mroe months timeframe of the Bush Storytellers? Oh, yea, that was BS. By the way, 30 years will cover off the current generation, it’ll probably take another generation after that to get back to normal.

    Your contiuous stream of BS is a waste of time.

  37. knarlyknight Says:

    Just to fill in a few gaps:

    — A look at recent major attacks in Iraq:

    _ April 6 — Bombs rip through apartment buildings and a market in Baghdad, killing at least 50 people.

    _ April 4 — Suicide attackers detonate car bombs near embassies in Baghdad, killing 42.

    _ April 2 — Gunmen kill 24 villagers execution-style in a Sunni area south of Baghdad.

    _ March 26 — Twin bombings strike a restaurant in Khalis, north of Baghdad, killing 57.

    _ March 7 — Series of bombings and rocket and mortar attacks kill 36 in Baghdad on Election Day.

    _ March 3 — Suicide bombers strike in quick succession in Baqouba, northeast of Baghdad, killing 32.

    _ Feb. 18 — Suicide car bomb explodes outside the main government compound in Ramadi, killing 13.

    _ Feb. 5 — Coordinated blasts targeting Shiite pilgrims in the holy city of Karbala kill 40.

    _ Feb. 1 — Female suicide bomber strikes Shiite pilgrims in Baghdad, killing 54.

    _ Jan. 26 — Suicide car bomber strikes a police crime lab in Baghdad, killing 22.

    _ Jan. 25 — Suicide attacks hit several Baghdad hotels in well-planned assaults that kill 37.

    _ Dec. 8, 2009 — Coordinated attacks strike Baghdad, killing at least 127.

    _ Oct. 25, 2009 — Two powerful car bombs explode near government buildings in central Baghdad, killing at least 155.

    _ Aug. 19, 2009 — Suicide bombers hit the Finance and Foreign ministries, killing more than 100 people.


    Perhaps the reason the US death rate is down in Iraq (assuming it is) is that your army is more hunkered down and not as exposed as during the surge. Fewer soft American targets at random checkstops these days. But your invasion has done nothing but harm the people of Iraq.

  38. enkidu Says:

    but knarly we killed a Really Bad Evil Guy!
    (who ronny raygun supported btw)
    isn’t that worth a trillion or two? plus we got all them WMDz!1!1!!!

    seriously tho knarls, calling the US nazis every other posting is getting the godwin level in here up to a ridiculous level. Yes invading other countries on a thin pretext of lies is, well, rather like the nazis, but we had an election and dumped those neocon dipsticks. Now everyone knows it is WAY more nazi-like to improve healthcare. sheesh! Don’t they have fauxNEWS up in Canada?

  39. Smith Says:

    Yeah, we got rid of all those neocons and replaced them with an administration that would never dream of increasing US military involvement overseas. Oh wait.

  40. enkidu Says:

    oooo touché!

    However, I think they had no choice but to reverse the situation in Afghanistan (after bushie bungled it).

    give a brother a break:
    economic confidence restored (check)
    healthcare reform (check – sorta)
    financial reform (on the way)
    student loan reform (check)
    nuclear weapon reductions w Russia (check)
    working toward global zero (check)
    job growth (check – the trend is heading the right way)
    so far, so good

    go check under your bed for that unicorn, I’m sure it’ll show up any time now

    (sent from my iPad)

  41. knarlyknight Says:

    Sorry about the excessive Nazi-isms. It does get annoying.

    But hey, if good ole’ Ann Coulter can call college students Brownshirts for simply demonstrating against her incendiary remarks over the past 8 years, then, uh, oops that means I’m in bad company. Never mind, let me try again.

    The Young Turks (youtube) gave a fair account of the wikileaks killing video. Disgusted at what young American soldiers were being asked to do (the impossible task of identifying a half dozen men milling about in the street as either enemy or civilians), he described the killings as similar to walking up behind the unarmed men and shooting them point blank in the back of the head. Killings like that, where one does discern between fighters or innocent civilians fits my stereotype of the Nazi’s. (If the Nazi’s were more or less discerning, by all means correct me.)

    However, killing the good samaritan in the van who happened along later when he stopped to pick up the wounded man (photographer as it turns out) is exactly the kind of inhuman acts that Americans condemmed the German soldiers of in WW2. So for that, at least, the gunners earned their Nazi label.

  42. Smith Says:

    He was attempting to provide healthcare. We all know how much shcb hates that.

  43. enkidu Says:

    yes, because nothing says NAZI like healthcare reform (even half-baked, didn’t go far enough watered down to a homeopathic tincture of real reform)

    wwnjs screaming nazi! socialist! marxist! h!tler! Evil™! may play well with the 25% of Duhmerkkkins who think the sun goes around the earth, but rational normal folk are increasingly turned off by the violent radicalism of the wwnj/teabaggers/gooprz.

    Which reminds me wwnj, how are you and craig/malkin doing on your Super Duper Really Big List of Radical Left Wing Violence, Murder and Mayhem?

    got anything in the last two years?

  44. Smith Says:

    Death to children, death to medics, death to mud hut people. I’d say shcb is a disgusting person, but I think that sets the bar for person-hood a little too low.

  45. shcb Says:

    Well, as usual you didn’t read what I said Enky, you made it what you wanted me to say.

  46. shcb Says:

    but you can start with the g-8 or 10 or 27 summit right here in Denver a year or two ago

  47. enkidu Says:

    sadly, way too low…

    “start with”?
    do tell!
    how many left wingers killed how many right wingers in Denver?
    the horror!

    wait, someone set a dumpster or a trash can on fire?
    maybe… turned over a car?
    wow (that is a rowdy after-game bit of ‘irrational exuberance’)
    the horror!

    do tell!

  48. shcb Says:

    Nothing will ever be good enough for you; I don’t think anyone was hurt in the tea party incidents you are referring to either were they? The only reason no one was hurt in Denver was because of some really good undercover work by Denver Police and a pretty savvy mayor.

  49. enkidu Says:

    I made a list of a half dozen ‘isolated incidents’ of real violence, where wwnjs who read the same wwnj crap that you do, listen to the same wwnj crap and watch the same wwnj crap, went out and started murdering normal people because normal people disagreed with their wwnj extremism. The teabaggers signs are often offensive, but that is generally covered by the 1st Amendment (the numerous and constant veiled threats and incitement to violence are concerns as well). I am more worried about the actual violence.

    You and craig/malkin have been working on that Really Big List of Left Wing Mayhem and Murder for weeks now but all you have is some protests in Denver? really? Protests of the Dem convention or something? Wow that sure is some powerful tea you teabaggers must be drinking! kookookachoo

  50. shcb Says:

    Well, to be honest I haven’t been working on the Big List because I never compared wacos on the right with wacos on the left, you just said I did and off you went. I certainly haven’t condoned any violence by any of the Tea Party members. My point was that NL was condoning threats to Coulter but was disturbed by the Tea Partiers threats, his hypocrisy was showing just a little, but that happens with all us. To his credit NL said she just bugs him, that is understandable. Sometimes you just have to grin and say “yup, I’m a little hypocritical, but what the hell, it’s just the way I feel” but ole pit bull Enky got his teeth in his misstatement of what I said and off to the races we go.

  51. Smith Says:

    That’s not what you said though, is it?

    NL: “I was talking about the smashed windows, death threats, racial and other slurs being hurled, bullets being fired, gas lines being cut, nooses being faxed to black lawmakers…”

    To which shcb replied: “Not unlike what they did to Ann Coulter?”

    Seems to me that you were suggesting that protesters on the left were shooting at Coulter, smashing her windows, and cutting her gas line. Enky called you out, and you have yet to produce any supporting examples. Sometimes you just have to grin and say “yep, I made up a bunch of bullshit and got called out on it.” Of course old backpedaling shcb likes to try to rewrite history and pretend there is no written record of his comments.

  52. shcb Says:

    The only one you missed was threats, which is the one I meant.

  53. shcb Says:

    Thanks Smith, that is a perfect example of what NL and I have been talking about in the thread above. You played the video (in this case a quote) and then commentated on it omitting the pertinent phrase while exaggerating the unimportant portions. This is what Maddow (and Hannity) does for a living.

  54. knarlyknight Says:

    shcb, it still seems to me that you were suggesting that protesters on the left were smashing windows, hurling death threats, racial and other slurs, firing bullets, cutting gas lines, faxing nooses to black lawmakers…

    How the hell was anyone supposed to know you were only talking about one of those things and not some specific subset of them? Epic backtracking failure.

    Also, in your comment to Smith you also failed to note that he left out faxing nooses to black lawmakers. Smith provided the full list above his point so it was not artful editing in his comment asa it was impossible to discern at that point which of the items you might have thought were irrelevant, certainly the worst of them were the most relevant as you appeared to agree with all of them.

  55. shcb Says:

    No, there were no reports of any of the other things happening to Coulter other than the threats, so there was no need for me to mention them or mention they should be excluded, that should be understood by an attentive reader, she is a blonde white woman in lily white Canada why would there be a racial aspect, again that is just intrinsic. Smith just validated everything I have said in the last two threads about manipulation of stories. I’m not back tracking here, I’m moving forward, you on the other hand are putting up a fighting retreat.

  56. enkidu Says:

    There were no threats against Andy Coulter. Just a loud boisterous protest. I am sure Andy and the ever present handlers felt canceling the ‘talk’ would garner more publicity than proceeding.

    I’ll ask yet again of wwnj and craig/malkin:

    I made a list of a half dozen ‘isolated incidents’ of real violence, where wwnjs who read the same wwnj crap that you do, listen to the same wwnj crap and watch the same wwnj crap, went out and started murdering normal people because normal people disagreed with their wwnj extremism.

    So your big example is a protest at the Dem convention in ’08 in which, well, not much happened afaik. Did someone tip over a trash can or hold up a sign that outrages your rather delicate sensibilities?

    Please, either put up or shut up. This completely false equivalency is bullshit: the right wing of America is by far the more angry, violent and incendiary in both rhetoric and deed. There isn’t nearly as much left wing violence in America in the last two years, heck make it ten since you can’t find even a single incident that measures up.

    But here are two more ‘isolated incidents’:

    Morbidly obese wwnj in TX plants 36 bombs (molotovs and ‘pipebombs’) within a two month period. Luckily no one is hurt (mb he is a Wwneatherman?) He is angry at the government and IRS (and possibly the postal service?) Who wants to bet this wwnj is on the dole? disability at the very least, probably Medicaid and seems to really enjoy the gubmint cheese.

    A angry wwnj in SF, CA (yes we have wwnjs out here too) calls Nancy Pelosi 48 times threatening her with death, blowing up her house blah blah blah. Again, overweight, probably on the dole, mad at the gunmint. Icing on the cake? He bragged about how untraceable his phone was… because he used (wit for it) a MagicJack. Seriously stupid.

    If there are so many ‘isolated incidents’ of lwnj violence, mayhem and murder why can’t you list them? Either put up or (please) shut up. I am sure you’ll do neither and simply wave your hands about us silly libs, so teh stoopid! Put up your big list.

    Good luck with that!

  57. Smith Says:


    You really are dumb, aren’t you? Your comment clearly asserted that you believed all of those actions applied to the protests against Coulter. I omitted the threats in my comment because you already covered those. The purpose of my post is to highlight claims you have failed to back up. Don’t propose a litany of items as true and than claim your whole assertion is validated by the possible truth of one of those items. Also, don’t try to bitch and moan to weasel your way out of it.

    I posted your entire quote. There is no editing. You are a fool. Quit backtracking and admit you are full of shit.

  58. shcb Says:

    Don’t like getting caught do you?

  59. shcb Says:


    At one point you were interesting to spar with, I don’t know what I did to piss you off but you have turned into Enky, as I recall you said once you don’t read much of what Enky writes, hmm. You have degenerated into picking out one little thing and beating your opponent (me) with it until they are a bloody stump. Doesn’t do much for me.

    We are chatting here, we’re not writing legal documents, no one said anyone took a shot at Coulter or in any way physically harmed her, she never even left her hotel as far as I know, what reasonable person would think that is what I was referring to? Defending these silly accusations just wastes so much time, but if you don’t Enky and now you will bring them up forever. I wrote a few words as a response, do I need to add 7 paragraphs of whereas’ on each post now?

    If I wasn’t clear a pleasant “can you elaborate” would have worked, now you are reduced to calling me stupid? I just don’t know.

  60. knarlyknight Says:

    shcb, you’d have a point if it was at all complicated, but the problem for you is that it was abundantly clear what you meant:

    NL: “I was talking about the smashed windows, death threats, racial and other slurs being hurled, bullets being fired, gas lines being cut, nooses being faxed to black lawmakers…”

    To which shcb replied: “Not unlike what they did to Ann Coulter?”

    There’s just no way to interpret that any of those things are anywhere near the same league as the response to Ann Coulter. Common sense is not on your side, that’s probably why Smith hasn’t let it go as with each of your posts you just appear more the fool.

  61. knarlyknight Says:

    shcb, you’d have a point if it was at all complicated, but the problem for you is that it was abundantly clear what you meant:

    NL: “I was talking about the smashed windows, death threats, racial and other slurs being hurled, bullets being fired, gas lines being cut, nooses being faxed to black lawmakers…”

    To which shcb replied: “Not unlike what they did to Ann Coulter?”

    There’s just no way to interpret that any of those things are anywhere near the same league as the response to Ann Coulter. Common sense is not on your side, that’s probably why Smith hasn’t let it go as with each of your posts you just appear more the fool.

  62. enkidu Says:

    Smith has simply learned that wwnj is full of shit.

  63. shcb Says:

    This is interesting, let’s forget for a minute that I’m an idiot, that goes without saying, if you need more proof, I’ll give you my wife’s number, she’ll confirm. Yes, I could have been more clear, I could have turned that one and a half lines into 15 and left no doubt as to my intentions, but aren’t you guys always saying I’m too long winded? Everyone else I know says that.

    I think what I am saying is more reasonable than what you are saying if it was looked at by someone that didn’t have a dog in the fight, of course I’m saying that with a dog in the fight. But more to the point this is how someone like Maddow or Hannity twists things around, you Enky and Smith are doing it to me now but I’m sure we can find an instance where I have done it to you. And this is why the loyalists give them a big “you go girl!” while the opposition calls them charlatans and liars.

  64. enkidu Says:

    Look either you have a bunch of examples of lwnj violence, murder and mayhem in the last couple years, or you do not. All this hand waving and nonsense you are going on about doesn’t mean anything to me.

    Either there are credible examples – and lots of them, for your equivalency to hold up – or there aren’t.

    Answer: you’ve got nothing.
    Corollary: you are full of shit.

    Have a great weekend all!

  65. shcb Says:

    You’re right I got nothing (other than what I’ve given you) because I don’t care, your point is irrelevant to this discussion, one side doing something twice as much as someone else doesn’t make it right in any case. You tally up 16 cases, I’ll tally up 16 cases, you will dismiss my 16 because of the source, the severity, just cause ya wanna, what’s the point? In the end your score will still be 16 zip, Enky in the lead. And why 2 years? I can’t use threats to Bush? Protest signs wanting to kill Adolph Bush, Carl Hitler. I can’t use students rushing the stage of conservative talkers. Who made you the grand Poobah of debate rules anyway?

  66. shcb Says:

    Got a question Knarly, why is it so clear what I meant even though I have said that isn’t what I meant, but you let Smith slide with his explanation that he didn’t use the word threats “I omitted the threats in my comment because you already covered those.” That at the very least seems to have the same credibility or lack thereof as my explanation. Why did you not call him out?

  67. knarlyknight Says:

    shcb – sorry but a lot going on here and I’ve lost the thread of the logic of the argumet. Gotta love text, I can go back and go oh yea that’s wa\ha I was thinking. Nice big bottle of Naughty Hildabirg’s bitter ale took all my attention tonight, so it’ll be best if you wait for my answer tomorrow. For now allI can say is that the specifics of each item in the list weren’t what what was ipmortant, what was important was the more or less whole onslaught of most of the items in the list. Liberals might have used one or two, those and the rest were used by wrnjs… Let me know if that makes sese, otherwise I’ll have to go back and review my words. Hate to have to admit it was knew jerk support for smith, I’m sure I had good rationale but tonight is not the time,,,, cheers….

  68. shcb Says:

    No problem, take your time as it is morning now and you are paying for the good cheer, happens to the best of us. I’ll answer for you, I know how you so enjoy it when I do that :-)

    The answer is because you are partisan, and it makes your job easier to not side with someone you opposed to and to side with someone whose opinions you are in favor of even though the merits of either side are equal, that is what makes you partisan. This is what makes Maddow partisan, now you and she can be partisan, as can I, but just because she says something doesn’t mean it is above reproach, NL mentioned, somewhat in jest I think, that she was telling the truth, well she is to a point, and she isn’t to a point, and yet you seem to believe her all the way, what I said was the truth, to a point, what Smith said was the truth, to a point, but you believe him unconditionally and don’t believe me almost as unconditionally.

    I’m not busting on you here, well kind of, I’m just saying that when we are talking about these partisan talking heads, or ourselves, rarely is one side categorically lying and the other analyzing the situation without bias. This is what is so frustrating having a conversation with someone like Enky and now Smith, whatever I say is just wrong, simply because of who I am. If they can’t find anything wrong with what I am saying, they just have a different outlook, then they find some little chink to exploit, and in this case I contend Smith knew what I was talking about, he knew I didn’t mean she was shot at etc and purposely left out threats since he knew that is what I would hit him back with. Of course I don’t know what is in his heart, all I can do is judge his actions.

  69. shcb Says:

    Let me pose this to you, did you or NL think there was anything wrong with what I said until Smith brought it up? No, you knew what I meant.

  70. Smith Says:


    Do you really feel your racist rants and your constant cries of “fascism” (despite the fact that you don’t actually understand its meaning) in any way serve to facilitate a interesting conversation? You are aware that you are nothing more than right-wing enky, right? Your sudden posturing as though you give a shit about meaningful conversation is rather laughable. I quickly tired of wasting my time trying to get intelligent responses out of you. Enky’s approach is much easier, and it lowers the discourse to the level you continually operate on regardless of the efforts of those who attempt to engage you. There are other websites that I go to to have serious conversations with conservatives who can actually back-up their claims. You have proven to be quite deficient in this area, most likely because you are merely a boring troll, who has never desired to debate, but rather seeks solely to disrupt.

    To put it more succinctly: “Smith has simply learned that wwnj is full of shit.”

  71. knarlyknight Says:

    Its been a good few days. Spring is here even though the wind is from the north and nasty. Parked my SUV facing north, opened the back door and sat in the wind shadow facing south watching the sea and the pretty ladies wandering by and got too much sun… me dogs tired after a few hours of chasing seagulls, but I didn’t run out of beer. Maybe I’m simple but that’s about all that I need to be happy.
    shcb, thanks for answering for me but I’d say you got it wrong. Yes, it’s easy to side with the partisian, but as I said before its not that complicated. You said the lefty’s were doing all them things, Enk called you on it, and you got squat to show for it. You are bluffing, or more to the point full of shit. Get a decent hand next time before you bet so much.

  72. shcb Says:

    Huh, ok, don’t know why I bother.

  73. shcb Says:

    The fascist flap! That’s where I pissed off Smith! You never really got over that did you?

    So I’m a troll because I don’t have sources. Did it ever occur to you that maybe I’m not a troll because I don’t have sources? Maybe I actually think, actually believe, maybe I take several sources and mold bits and pieces into my own thoughts? Secondly, what is the point in giving sources if they become the issue instead of issue being the issue? On numerous occasion I have linked to a Fox News story and it is dismissed out of hand, even though it was reprinted from another source, then linked to a the source of a Fox News story and it is taken seriously here. You are right on one account, your method is easier, but it is a little too Archie Bunker for me.

  74. shcb Says:

    Knarly, I didn’t say the leftys were doing all those things, you guys inferred it, that is sort of the point of this whole conversation. I didn’t say they did all those things to Coulter, I also didn’t say they only did one of them, that is where the reader has to use a little intelligence and common sense to decipher what I meant.

  75. Smith Says:


    I know how much you love racism and leaked emails, so I brought you a gift.


  76. shcb Says:

    If it’s true I hope he rots in hell.

  77. enkidu Says:

    So wwnj, you haven’t been able come up with even a single example of lwnj murder, mayhem and violence? How about if we open it up to the last ten years… anything?

  78. shcb Says:

    Sure I have, any summit of the 1st world countries brings out bus loads of lefty crazies, any political convention and there they are, we have a tradition of lefties and violence at our Columbus day parade here in Denver. But there are two certainties, since the left prides itself on protesting it wouldn’t be hard to come up with many examples but the second certainty is none of it will be good enough for you.

  79. enkidu Says:

    Wait, are those summit protests here in America? In the last two years? So holding up a sign that you don’t agree with or blowing a horn is now officially ‘mayhem’? How many people were killed? None. How many people injured? None?

    I am worried about the violent and racist rhetoric from teabaggers, but my list was about real and increasing wwnj murder, violence and mayhem. Some protestors that you don’t like are the best you’ve got? I’ve listed a half dozen incidents where wwnjs who read the same crap as you, listen to the same wwnj crap as you and watch the same wwnj crap as you went on a murderous rampage (after rampage after rampage… )

    But your best example is a bunch of dirty f!cking hippies tipping over some garbage cans or something? Oh wait I googled this and it is about mudhut people again (this time native americans). You are always good for a laugh!

  80. shcb Says:

    See, nothing is good enough, the mud hut leader is a white guy that works for the Loveland or Longmont parks and recreation department. Where did mud hut people come into this conversation?

  81. enkidu Says:

    I don’t understand… your ONE example is of a protest that native american activists hold to protest columbus day… where no one was hurt or killed… but obviously you were offended (I swear you wwnjs are the biggest bunch of glass jawed poltroons – pathetic is too small a word).

    Look either you have lots of examples of left wing murder and violence or you don’t.

    Judging by your example, you don’t.

    right wing nut job rhetoric is increasingly violent, eliminationist and incites anger, racism and murder. A protest isn’t murder. A bunch of yahoos spilling red paint isn’t violence. Holding up a sign that offends your delicate sensibilities isn’t mayhem.

    So answer me this: how many people were killed in these protests? None. How many were injured? I would bet none again (ok, mb someone twisted their ankle or something). Oh but they might have expressed an opinion that you don’t like, so they are trrrrsts?

    wwnj ‘logic’ is teh funny

    and pathetic

  82. shcb Says:

    It doesn’t matter what I do here you will just ratchet up what you consider a legitimate answer, it’s like paying Calvin Ball with you.

    So for argument sake let’s say I agree with you, the right is far far more violent than the right, I mean there is no comparison, the right is prone to rape murder and mayham, the left likes lilies and kisses, so what, does that make it ok to condone violence or threats of violence from the left against someone on the right, even if it was one little tiny lone, isolated incident?

  83. enkidu Says:

    wtf are you talking about? The plain and simple fact is that you have yet to offer up even a single example of left wing violence/murder. Why are you bringing up rape? The ‘conversation’ has remained the same: I ask you or craig/malkin to show us all those examples of lwnj violence/murder and you babble a bunch of nonsense. Calvinball?

    I’ll ask again: where are the examples of lwnj violence against right wingers in the last two years? Since you haven’t been able to come up with even a single example (a protest? where it seems no one was injured, much less killed?) in the last two years, how about the last ten years?


  84. shcb Says:

    Conservatives are blood thirsty son a bitches, we hate Jews (except the neo-cons), we hate blacks, we hate Indians, we hate everyone except blonde, blue eyed white boys with redneck names, something Bob, Billy Bob, Jimmy Bob, you get the idea. We all believe there should be no governments, survival of the fittest, an automatic weapon in every home, kill the liberals and spread their guts on the streets of Boulder so they never come back. Burn all the science books cause you know, it’s like Jesus is my Lord and Savior and if you don’t agree I have a bayonet with your name on it. Did I forget any of your bigoted stereotypes? Oh yeah, women, barefoot and pregnant, at least the ugly ones, keep the cute ones naked, they are all dumb anyway. There I admitted it, everything you believe about conservatives is true, you can bookmark this and use it against me for the rest of your pathetic life.

  85. enkidu Says:

    So you are unable to come up with a single example of a left wing nut job violence/murder on right wingers. Your false equivalency is busted: the right wing and left wing are not just as bad, just as violent (or whatever nonsense you usually spew).

    Thanks for clearing that up.

    Were you still drinking this morning when this confession came vomiting forth?

    I am not bigoted against right wingers, just crazy ass wrong wing nut jobs who can’t shoot straight and think their sub-high school edumakashun makes them the smartest guy in the room.

    oh, one more thing: go fuck yourself (hey if darth cheney can scream that on the senate floor, I figure it is a good sign off for interactions with nutjobs). You are always good for a laugh!


  86. shcb Says:

    What false equivalency? I wasn’t equivocating, but it I were I gave you examples. I can’t help that you reject my examples, you’re just lazy, you just move the line if I get close, it’s easier that way. Have the Tea Party people killed anyone?

    pst, let you in on a little secret, I’m not the smartest guy in most rooms, but I’m smarter than you.

  87. enkidu Says:

    I am not asking about the teabaggers (taxes are down, thx to Obama, for 95% of Americans as part of the Stimulus pkg). If you are too stupid or angry about that black man in your white house to know that taxes are down for the vast majority of Americans, then you shouldn’t be allowed sharp objects.

    Your one example mentioned so far is a protest march every columbus day by native american activists? You haven’t provided a link to any violence or murder at the event (from my cursory searching on google there didn’t appear to be any injuries of any kind). But please if this was some blood bath that the MSM is not reporting, by all means, link up to fox if needs be to make your case.

    I made a list of wwnj murder and mayhem, not obnoxious loons on either side carrying offensive signs or tootling horns or whatever seems to have made these denver rallies so heinous (you keep bringing the teabaggers into it, not I). Both craig/malkin and you claimed that ‘the left is just as bad as the right’ (or something like that). That just isn’t true. In the last two years wwnjs have been killing anyone to the left of them in increasing numbers. I asked you and c/m to come up with an equivalent list (over and over and… ). You have yet to provide even a single example. Why is that? I’ve even offered to open it up to the last 10 years, you know when bushie was pres? I am not talking about protest rallies on either side.

    Bring on your Very Big List of Left Wing Violence and Murder. You are always good for a laugh.

  88. knarlyknight Says:

    Enk, maybe I can help out shcb here.

    shcb, here’s a bunch of lefty Syracruse students demonstating against JP Morgan; at the 40 minute mark there is a lone, shifty arab looking guy wearing a bulking bomber jacket with what might be an rpg launcher under his arm, but you’ll have to look close. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qB-KUc25xqE&feature=player_embeddedt=0m32s

  89. knarlyknight Says:

    oops, its the 40 SECOND mark, not minute, here’s a better link:

  90. shcb Says:

    It doesn’t matter, if the video showed a guy kicking some poor old lady to death Enky would just say it was right wing plant, or the video came from Fox News so it doesn’t count, or he would want me to provide a death certificate that the old lady died, and if I did he would say nothing on the DC said she didn’t die of natural causes etc. I went back and looked at his list and it seems to me the deaths he is referring to were just crazy son a bitches that may or may not have voted Republican once. If I found some crazy SOB that once voted Democrat and at some point killed someone he would say he is just a crazy SOB and it doesn’t matter what voter registration he had. I just don’t need the homework. But that’s ok, he needs to keep the high blood pressure medication companies in business so he’ll keep ranting I suppose.

    So let’s say a Tea Party gets out of hand and they kill five people tomorrow, then next November a bunch of lefties protest a convention like they always do and they kill two, does that mean the right wing crazies are more dangerous than the left wing? Maybe. You could at least make that point with some credibility, but that wasn’t the point, the point is it doesn’t make it right to condone either event, for some reason Enky is completely unable to grasp that concept. Actually I know he can grasp that concept, he just chooses not to. It is just easier to beat people about the head and shoulders than engage in conversation, there is a chance you might have to compromise in a debate, you don’t have to do so if you put yourself on offensive all the time and simply change the rules if your opponent is making any headway.

  91. knarlyknight Says:

    hmmm, I thought the issue was that right wing tv and radio hosts were saying that liberal leaders were inciting people to violence, and then the liberals said okay lets take a closer look at that. And it turns out that a whole pile of wacko’s have been incited by the likes of Glenn Beck et al to KILL liberals on a fairly regular basis, but nary an example can be found of the reverse to support the right wing tv and radio hosts self-serving assertions.
    iirc, you shcb, supported the false assertions by wwnj tv and radio hosts and when Enk called you on it and provide a big list of wwnj killings and violence you refused to support your position with counter-examples. One would think if there were abundant good examples to support the wwnj assertions then it would have been far easier for you to provide some than repeatedly and frantically trying to avoid the discussion because it was going in a direction that did not serve your interests. Basically, one is left with the strong opinion that Enk can back up his position about wwnj violence and you can’t back up your assertions about the supposed rampant violence by the other side.

    That leads to the conclusion that wwnj’s are dangerous, liars, and deserving of copious mockery.

  92. knarlyknight Says:

    … or at least an abundnce of FBI attention:

    An FBI spokesman told The Times yesterday that Mr Mueller was referring to right-wing extremist groups and anti-government militias, as well as American Islamists, in his testimony to the Senate committee that must approve the FBI’s $8.3 billion (£5.4 billion) budget.

    Was that on fox too?

  93. shcb Says:

    This is just too frustrating, you guys have succeeded in out lasting me, give me a good dog and I can drive cattle and sheep but I can’t drive cats, you win.

  94. Smith Says:

    I guess all those debate strategies you learned from talk radio don’t work when you can’t cut people’s mics, eh shcb?

  95. shcb Says:

    Not sure what brought that up. No it is just so frustrating to try and talk logically to someone without logic, and then to have a whole herd of the little critters is just too much sometimes, you just have to throw your hands up and let them go founder on their own.

  96. Smith Says:

    “it is just so frustrating to try and talk logically to someone without logic”

    Now you know why I stopped trying to speak logically to you.

  97. shcb Says:

    I’m pretty logical, you just got emotionally involved when I called you a fascist and you have never gotten over it. Just look at that last conversation, I think you know what I am talking about, I hope so anyway, and it is a good logical point. I don’t think Enky can see past his rage and he tends to just pick up on a few key words and run with it. There was a Gramm someone cartoon, can’t remember his last name, had a monthly slot in Playboy, or maybe it was The Far Side, anyway the guy is the guy is talking to his dog the caption says ”what you say” the man is saying “bad dog Fluffy, don’t tear up my soos fluffy, those were my good shoes Fluffy, don’t ever do that again Fluffy” the next frame say “what your dog hears” “bla bla bla Fluffy, bla bla bla Fluffy”. Knarly just jumps on the side he thinks is winning, he has no spine, but you know but line the rest of the guys here that are on the upper level of intelligence you don’t want to talk to people about these things, you just want to talk to the air and have lackeys tell you how smart you are.

    The logic is that we are at war with Islamic radicalism, not Osama, we were at war with Japan not Yamamoto, killing the architect of the Pearl Harbor attack would not have stopped Japan, just as killing Osama would not stop the Arabs.

    I guess we should have ignored Japan and bombed the fuck out of Mongolia after Pearl Harbor in order to stop those evil Asians. That seems to be the best fit for shcb’s latest racist analogy.

    I mean, come on, you can’t see that logic? Of course you can, but you know Enky can’t, it makes perfect sense to him, and Knarly won’t, so you play with them knowing it frustrates me, you win the trifecta. It probably is a lot of fun.

  98. Smith Says:

    The logic behind bombing Mongolia/Iraq? Nope, I am afraid you are just a tired old racist who is struggling to give yourself some sense of legitimacy. Now you are whining because everyone is directly calling you out on your nonsense. You had your chance, but you decided calling people fascists and ranting about mud hut people the best way to conduct yourself.

    “Just because I think all Arabs are terrorists who should be shot doesn’t mean I am a racist. Talk radio told me so.”

  99. knarlyknight Says:

    iirc, & i’m sure I do, it was you shcb who said you decided in high school or shorly thereafter to side with “the winning team” which you deemed to be Republicans: no spine there.

    I’ve tried to see your logic in attacking the secular Iraqi regime to combat Islamic extremists, really tried to figure out where your head is at and the best I can come up with is that you can’t tell one Arab from another. Smith sums it up accurately and with clear logic in the post above.

    Obviously you didn’t bother educating yourself about the real terrorist dangers in the USA (hint – the biggest threats ain’t islamic).

    As we learn more about the violent wwnj loons you’ve been listening to the more I’m thinking it was a miracle that the entire world wasn’t engulfed in flames as a result of the past wwnj administration’s missteps in the geopolitical arena. Thankfully the opposing major powers mostly stood back and laughed (like Sun Tsu would have) at the military/financial quagmires America has embroiled itself. Its been really, really sad to see our ally (the USA) lose its head so bad after 9/11, but if one considers that that may have been their silly plan all along it is understandable.

  100. knarlyknight Says:

    “lose its head” was a poor choice of words, should have said “lose its cool”

  101. enkidu Says:

    wwnj – I made a list of wwnj violence. Where wwnjs who read the same wwnj extremist crap that you do, listen to the same wwnj extremist crap that you do and watch the same wwnj extremist crap that you do went out and started murdering normal people because those folks didn’t agree with their wwnj extremist views…

    craig/malkin opined that us lefties were just as bad, you made basically the same opinion (at least, I think so, as it is difficult to sort the sense from the nonsense in your postings). So I made a simple request: if left wing nut jobs are every bit as violent, are every bit as murderous as the right wing nut jobs I listed, why then please produce your examples (with links). After a whole lot of nothing I even offered to open it up to the last ten years (you know, during the bush regime?)

    craig/malkin has simply clutched his pearls and tottered off to sulk/lurk, while you produced a single example (no link) of a columbus day parade where native american activists and assorted yahoos… did what exactly? Protest? Honk horns? Shout slogans? There are no news reports of injuries of any kind. No murders. No ideological killings. Nothing. Is it that someone actually protested and you just don’t like their message? I am not talking about the teabaggers, you keep bringing them up. Who cares, besides they are doing a great job of discrediting themselves. I am talking about real wwnj violence and murder.

    Wave your hands and flap your jaw all you like wwnj (ok, it’s the internet, do the equivalent), but you or craig/malkin have yet to produce your Very Big List of Left Wing Violence and Murder.

    I ask anyone to look into that church shooter guy who just decided he hated liberals sooooo much he had to go into their church and start murdering them. His manifesto of hate sounds just like your posts here wwnj. You have filled your head with such a load of nonsense, anger and hate that you seem determined to project that onto anyone who has the temerity to actually call you on your bullshit.

    It’ll be fun to see how you blame this on the mud hut people.
    You are always good for a laugh.

  102. enkidu Says:

    ps – make sure your list is only Americans

    no mud hut folk allowed

  103. knarlyknight Says:

    shcb – you might want to look into the fanatical background of this lefty:

    … at the 40 SECOND mark there is a lone, shifty arab looking guy wearing a bulking bomber jacket with what might be an rpg launcher under his arm, but you’ll have to look close. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qB-KUc25xqE&feature=player_embedded#t=0m32s

  104. enkidu Says:

    I think that guy is jewish?

    my son plays the baritone horn
    is that a tuba? or a baritone horn?

    all I can hear is crickets from craig/malkin and dear ol wwnj…
    how is the Very Big List going?

  105. enkidu Says:

    hey if we go back ten years for the Very Big List, can I include the OK bombing?
    worst right wing terrorist attack yet
    I know that is going back 15 years, but today is the sad anniversary

  106. shcb Says:

    Almost got it done Enky, as of now I have 534 examples, wait, 535, just found another one. I’ll send it to your personal e-mail so you can look at it and edit out the entries you don’t approve of for one reason or another. That should bring it to about, oh, shall we say zero. I have it alphabetized, categorized, Simonized and caramelized. Enjoy.

  107. knarlyknight Says:

    Thanks Enk, my mistake – you’re right it was a horn after all. I can’t tell his religion from the picture either, but he looks arab to me, might be an arab jew, maybe shcb can enlighten us on that. shcb, are arab jews as dangerous as the other breeds of arabs?

    shcb has thrown in the towel on the left wing violence list, he’s essentially admitted he can not find a single satisfactory example.

    It must be scary in his mind:

    … Where wwnjs who read the same wwnj extremist crap that you do, listen to the same wwnj extremist crap that you do and watch the same wwnj extremist crap that you do went out and started murdering normal people because those folks didn’t agree with their wwnj extremist views…

    (Note for the uninformed: wwnj=wrong wing nut job)

  108. shcb Says:

    I thought I made it clear I was throwing in the towel, and yet he keeps coming, there is such a thing as grace in victory as much as grace in defeat, Enky has no grace. I gave him a couple examples but they will never be enough so why bother. It should have been clear that I wasn’t playing but what can you do.

  109. knarlyknight Says:

    Grace in defeat requires an admission of defeat first. Until then the war is still on and the conqueror can continue to vanquish the loser until there’s nothing left to vanquish. Have you heard of Nagasaki? You’re like the Japanese if they’d said, yeah nice explosion but Hiroshima is irrelevant – what is important is how our armies are doing! Well, yea, except the Japs would have been wrong to say that, much like you are now.

  110. enkidu Says:

    let me see if I have this right wwnj… your singular example is a protest on columbus day (link please?) where no one was hurt, murdered etc… no link…

    You really don’t have even a single example of American lwnj murder and violence do you? Even during the regime of the much reviled boosh? Anything? COme on dig deep fellas! There has to be something? Anything?

    This has got to be one of your funniest threads ever.

    You should go on tour with Super Sarah.

  111. shcb Says:

    That wasn’t my only example, that was one example, actually many examples since it happens every year, same with the G-8 protestors, every year, every event. Riot police gear was practically invented to control violent lefty crowds. But of course as I have said so, so many times, I wasn’t tit for tatting, so why should I do what you want me to do? You will just reject anything I do anyway. This hasn’t been particularly funny but it has been informative. You guys have bolstered so many liberal stereotypes and validated so much of what conservative pundits say every day. Guess they must be right.

  112. enkidu Says:

    were those G8 protests by Americans on American soil?
    was anyone murdered? how many wounded? maybe sprained an ankle?

    wow, you really don’t have anything.

    your handwaving and nonsense is hilarious as always wwnj!
    shine on you crazy diamond!

    how did you celebrate the OK bombing? did you spit on the flag or maybe take some potshots at the postman? compose some rambling nonsensical blog posts? truly gfy

  113. enkidu Says:

    oh and btw – I am not interested in rowdy protests (none of my examples were wwnj protests). I want to see your Very Big List of Left Wing Murder and Violence, but you continue to refuse to actually cough up any examples.

    so far, you got nothing
    no murders
    no violence (oh horrors someone tipped over that trash can!)
    no links
    no facts
    no brains

    wwnjs – blowing up sh!t cuz they’re angry since time began

  114. shcb Says:

    grab a cup a joe, you got a long wait

  115. enkidu Says:

    so you got nothing?

    come on wwnj, just send the links, I promise to check them out to confirm the death toll, the piles of wounded, the horrible tootling horns and awful signs (are they as miss-spelled as the teabaggers? because those signs are hilarious)


    so, when some wwnj teabagger or militia ‘patriot’ snaps and truck bombs a fed building (again) will you ever do anything other than blame the mud hut people?

  116. shcb Says:

    What makes you think I in any way approve of what happened in OKC? Why would you assume that? I’m not going to give you a list because I’m not going to look for one, it wasn’t the topic of the conversation, but as usual you change the rules of your game to fit your bigotry, sorry, I’m just not going to play.

    I could use Harris and Klebold, Klebold’s folks were very liberal, one would assume he was influenced by them, they certainly fit the bill of mayhem, maybe the unibomber.

  117. enkidu Says:

    I’ve got one I’ve got one!


    this is even more horrible than Pinkie Biter! (you know, that healthcare rally where the wwnj sucker punched a guy who yelled FU at him then tried to claw his eyes out and got the tip of his pinkee chomped off? shouldn’t attack people, even if they are being rude)

    oh, wait, this guy lost his entire pinkie cuz some common criminal stole his new iPad. Nothing ideological… rats. Thought I finally had one for ya wwnj!
    stupid iPad!

    your examples:

    So Klebold is a lib cuz his parents voted D?
    Despite his professed wwnj beliefs? Klebold admired the OK bombings… he was angry about Waco… facts are so liberal, eh?

    anti-gov wwnj, not murderous left winger trying to impose teh socialism
    try again

    The unibomber? Some nut in a shack in the woods with guns and bombs? Forgive me but I think his anti-everything, anti-gov, anti-tech rants would be much closer to your side than mine. Don’t you remember? us libs live on the coasts in big crowded cities where the work is done.

    timeframe: 1978 to 1995… so now ‘the conversation’ has you picking a right wing bomber from 32 years ago and labeling him a lefty? He was mad about the erosion of personal freedom… sounds like you or the teabaggers

    try again

  118. shcb Says:

    Well let’t see, how about the guy that murdered Pim Fortuyn, nope, happened in Netherlands. John Allen Muhammad, see that proves you are a racist SHCB, you picked some guy with a Arab name. Hmm, how about Amy Bishop, nah, happened down south, even the lefties are righties down there, besides they are all stupid rednecks and killing three of them would be justified in any sane person’s book. See where this goes? Nobody I toss out there will ever live up to your constantly changing sliding scale.

  119. knarlyknight Says:

    LOL, the scale was set a long time ago.

    shcb hasn’t tossed him anything yet except non sequiturs.

  120. enkidu Says:

    ‘the conversation’ was about American wwnjs killing normal Americans in the last 2 years (I later opened it up to 10). I had about 6 to 8 examples (the TX bomber never actually killed anyone, so he must be a wwnjweatherman). Call it 7 examples in the last two years (I didn’t bother to search during the bush years, I am sure there are more).

    Netherlands is not the USA

    Muhammed – killing random strangers doesn’t seem political to me
    they were islamic militants, not left wingers (I know fox sez they are one an the same thing, but they aren’t, no matter how many times they say so)
    maybe more of a race crime? black guy wants to kill white people?
    left wing? no (but of course you won’t accept that)

    Amy Bishop – not politically motivated (it was about tenure?)
    did she leave a liberal manifesto like the church shooter?

    So far, pinkie biter is your best bet (tho that was self-defense, if a bit gross)

    You really don’t have even a single example do you?

    I also love how you have this whole internal/external dialog about how I am going to receive each of your examples (way off base, but hilarious as usual!)

    lol, keep em coming cap’n crazy!

  121. knarlyknight Says:

    & “John Allen Muhammad”? That’s just dumb.

  122. Smith Says:

    “Here are a bunch of shitty examples that I know will easily be dismissed because I am well aware that they do not fit the parameters of the challenge.

    Oh no, you did not accept my deliberately horrible submissions. I will use this to feed my persecution complex. Poor me.”

  123. enkidu Says:

    only thing left is to blame it on the mud hut ‘people’

  124. Smith Says:

    “there is such a thing as grace in victory as much as grace in defeat”


    “I can drive cattle and sheep but I can’t drive cats, you win.”

    “I don’t think Enky can see past his rage and he tends to just pick up on a few key words and run with it. ”

    “Knarly just jumps on the side he thinks is winning, he has no spine, but you know but line the rest of the guys here that are on the upper level of intelligence you don’t want to talk to people about these things, you just want to talk to the air and have lackeys tell you how smart you are.”

    “I mean, come on, you can’t see that logic? Of course you can, but you know Enky can’t, it makes perfect sense to him, and Knarly won’t,”

    That’s grace in defeat?

    Just for the hell of it: “I’m pretty logical…I called you a fascist”

    Master debater here, folks.

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