Jobs Undergoes Radical Shrinking Procedure…

…but gets to keep his iPhone.

(Lucy’s joke, not mine. But I thought it was funny when she tweeted about that.)

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  1. ymatt Says:

    Tiny Steve Jobs suddenly wishes his iPod Shuffle had some damn control buttons on it.

  2. enkidu Says:

    He is shrinking so rapidly, soon he won’t be able to turn the iPad on by jumping up and down on the home button!

    Despite the lack of a camera for vchats w the GPs, I think this is a nice v1.0 device. And the aspect ration? Next rev will have hd (720p) and maybe a camera. flash and multitasking are coming (tho flash mb not considering the bad blood btwn the two companies). All those other bad things, meh, e-ink screens are like reading a wet newspaper. They are carving a new niche btwn ereaders and netbooks. I predict a slow start, but it’ll catch on (wish they’d burn some margin and make it $100 cheaper)

    I am just waiting to see if my guy at Apple can get me the F&F discount. It is a touch expensive, but so is all of apple’s gear.

  3. enkidu Says:

    happy now?

  4. Smith Says:

    I was just thinking how much better the iPod Touch would be if it were triple the size and double the price.

  5. enkidu Says:

    since my only iPod is a iPod Snuffle (the white usb stick model from way back)…
    and I don’t own a iPhone (nor do I intend to any time soon at >$70/m)…
    and I can borrow my wife’s mbp if I really need it for a prezo

    Kindle DX is $489 (and really who wants to read a wet newspaper?) for $10 more you get a IPS color screen, iPad plays movies (not in HD =P ), surfs the web (sans flash =P ), plays mpgs (btw I have purchased a grand total of exactly one song from iTunes over the years, everything else is ripped from cds or mashups), it has a bunch of apps, tons of games and if you want 3G you can opt for that (expensive)

    I’ll be writing a couple of apps. Working on porting my three books to the ibook format (or better) and writing some new more experimental works for fun.

    I bet the camera kit gets jailbroken to be the missing usb port/sd slot

    multitasking? software upgrade. but is it even a good thing? I recall reading somewhere that one of the hottest Android apps is a app to kill bkg processes that are bogging your phone down. color me unimpressed

    If I wanted a webcam I would just use the one on my desktop machine (that said it’d be nice to have a webcam in it, my parents would snap one up as well)

    The big lack for me is the absence of a wacom digitizer and a stylus (Steve hates him some stylus) But if I find $2k lying around I’d buy a modbook… who knows maybe I’ll grow to like painting with my fingers ;)

    I can see why the tech savvy world thinks this isn’t as good as a cheap netbook (zomg I can’t install linux on it!), but for my needs it rocks. My kids are gonna love it. My buddy at Apple offered us the FnF and it’ll be expensive instead of really expensive (Steve loves him some margin)

    It is a new thing, not a netbook, not a smartphone. In between. I intend to make a ton of money on the backs of these things. We’ll see. If google makes a better/cheaper one, I’ll look into that as well (unimpressed so far)

  6. Smith Says:

    Multitasking is a bad thing? Really? My cellphone can multitask, and it isn’t even a full-fledged smart phone.

    I think this is actually worse than your Obama apologetics. The similarities are rather stunning.

    “Kindle DX is $489…”

    For $200 less, you can get an iPod Touch, which does everything in that paragraph except 3G.

  7. enkidu Says:

    Obama apologetics? lol He wanted to be the Great Compromiser from the get go. Sounds more like you were stood up at the Hope n Change altar. I want more change and more leadership from the guy we elected, but I also realize he isn’t superhuman.

    listing the pros and cons of a new category of media slabs is too fanboi? sry
    guilty i guess

    the iTouch has a 1024×768 screen? 802.11n? ibook (epub) for books? iWork apps and the other pad specific software? it has a webcam? AND it has a wacom digitizer and stylus? Thank you Mr Snif for setting me straight!

    Perhaps you stopped reading after a certain point, but if the great n powerful goog makes a better media slab then I’ll buy that one (too, since it won’t be out for months/years/ever). Dell’s media slab is further along. These aren’t general purpose computers. Buy a crappy atom powered netbook for $300 if u want something like that. enjoy.

    So how is your Debian install going? it comes with 25000 apps! woooo! ;)

    So you are saying those new Android phones getting bogged done by bkg processes is a good thing? It is a feature, not a bug? who knew? but srsly the iThings already do multitasking on some apple things, or so I’ve read, since I don’t own any of the latest gear. Which is why I will actually buy a media slab.
    if you hate iPad or hate apple, don’t buy it. Despite the massive Socialism that ‘electing’ The Kenyan Usurper has inflicted on our country, no one is forcing you to buy a iAnything. Yet. ;)

    Tiny Steve Jobs has a very powerful reality distortion field (inverse square law and all that). The smaller he gets, the more powerful he gets.

    I for one am glad he dropped in on that calligraphy class.

  8. Smith Says:

    “the iTouch has a 1024×768 screen? 802.11n? ibook (epub) for books? iWork apps and the other pad specific software? it has a webcam? AND it has a wacom digitizer and stylus? Thank you Mr Snif for setting me straight!”

    Feel free to pint out where the “Kindle DX is $489…” paragraph, to which I clearly indicated I was referring, mentioned any of this. Or learn to read. Thanks in advance.

    I like how angry you get when someone points out the inferiority of the new toy you are drooling over.

    “if you hate iPad or hate apple, don’t buy it.”

    It is possible to criticize something even if you have no intention of purchasing said product. Which leads me to my next point…

    “Sounds more like you were stood up at the Hope n Change altar. ”

    I voted third party, because it was clear to me in the GE that Obama wasn’t going to get anything done. However, I will continue to criticize both Obama and the iTampon, if for no other reason than because it seems to annoy you.

  9. enkidu Says:

    wow – take a deep breath
    angry? I think the shoe is on the other foot there Mr Snif (in the previous email I meant to type Smif, but I think Snif is more like it ;)
    is little joke, see lil winky face?

    I clearly pointed out the pros and cons, for me the pros outweigh the cons by a wide margin – ymmv

    and yes I can read – thx for asking

    “For $200 less, you can get an iPod Touch, which does everything in that paragraph except 3G.”

    I just pointed out the what the touch can’t do (and threw in the one big con for the iSlab: no pressure sensitive pen input)
    again, ymmv


  10. enkidu Says:

    ooops forgot the end blockquote

  11. Smith Says:

    I think I’ve milked this cow for all it is worth for now. I’m sure Jobs has a bit left for you though.

  12. enkidu Says:


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