Alex Roman Has Mad Skillz

You know that point when you realize you’re living in the future, when nothing you see in video form should be believed, despite all the evidence of your highly evolved monkey senses? I don’t think we reached that point with Avatar, despite actually liking the movie (yes, really! I liked it), but I’m pretty sure we have reached that point with Alex Roman’s The Third & The Seventh:

The Third & The Seventh from Alex Roman on Vimeo.

You owe it to yourself to HD+maximize it.

Understand, this was one person, with off-the-shelf hardware and software. And (I’m guessing) an obsessive interest. And time.

None of that stuff exists. Except it really does, sort of. (And since he modeled it on real buildings, it really really does, in another sense. But you know what I mean.) Pretty cool what one person can accomplish when he (she) sets his (her) mind to it.

More details in this interview. And this other interview. And this still yet other interview. I especially like this part (as translated by Google):

How long has you finish it?.

In total, about one and a half, with several stoppages during development. I thought it never would end. He was becoming a nightmare, but seeing people’s reaction to the first “teasers” which was published on the Internet, gave me encouragement to continue.

I totally want to live in the Fuji House.

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  1. enkidu Says:

    very very lovely
    dude loves him some focus pull and black mattes traveling across the frame (which makes it feel very real, because to move around in these spaces you would encounter columns, nice touch)

    We honeymooned in green Spain – not to nitpick ;), but… the actual Barcelona pavilion reconstruction was much warmer in color, nearly amber. There were a few places that I could see a texture tile repeating. In the actual stone the patterns change very subtly with each slice thru the physical material: a 3d app can have a picture fill in the same texture over a much larger area by tiling.

    Plus it needs more Calatrava!

    this guy puts the crap I do to shame… mad props!

  2. enkidu Says:

    wow – this is like the 3rd or 4th post in a month that has shown up here before it pops up on
    kudos jbc

    and thx again for excellent link, I’ve watched it a bunch of times now
    I love how he sets you up with antique cameras, film, slow introductions

  3. knarlyknight Says:

    watched about 8 minutes & lost interest. It’s nice. But why all the kudos? Please explain what I’m missing here. Computer generated architecture for the sake of computer generated architecture?

    Off topic (?) this showed up on Boing it’s sorta cool:

    and why waste your time with artsy crap like that when there’s so much natural history to learn about (this nsfw is too freaky):

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