Pfeiffer to Cheney: Srsly?


From White House Communications Director Dan Pfeiffer: The Same Old Washington Blame Game.

To put it simply: this President is not interested in bellicose rhetoric, he is focused on action. Seven years of bellicose rhetoric failed to reduce the threat from al Qaeda and succeeded in dividing this country. And it seems strangely off-key now, at a time when our country is under attack, for the architect of those policies to be attacking the President.


4 Responses to “Pfeiffer to Cheney: Srsly?”

  1. knarlyknight Says:

    Now this is a good poll question! (LOL)

  2. shcb Says:

    So why are we ramping up the war in Afghanistan when the terrorists have moved to Yemen? (rhetorical question)

  3. enkidu Says:

    So why is Dick Cheney not in jail?

    biggest disappointment of the Obministration thus far: zero prosecutions for the last regime. If you don’t lance the boil, it’ll be back. So, how IS that bipartisan outreach going Mr President? You have received zero help or compromise from the party of No? srsly? Then stop taking their advice and do the job the folks who voted you in elected you to do: clean house.

  4. shcb Says:

    what would you prosecute them for?

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