DJO’s “Happy in Paraguay” ST:TNG Dubspoof

This should not be making me laugh. But it is.

Warning: Naughty words.

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  1. shcb Says:

    It’s going to be interesting to see what the final socialized health bill will look like on Christmas Eve. Artificial deadlines tend to produce bastards. The House was set on the “public option” heavy on the public light on the option, the Senate being better tea leaf readers took it out and gave ever special interest group a spoonful of my money, one more campaign promise down the tubes. The Senate version is full of potentially unconstitutional provisions, making a rule that won’t allow future congresses from modifying the law? Can they do that? Can a rule even be included in a law? Exempting one state from increases in Medicare, forever? Can they do that? Some of that has to come out. But if they take out Nebraska’s goodies Nelson may not sign. Will they wait until a court challenge to find out they can’t throttle future congresses or will they fix it now. So much drama yet to come, so few days.

  2. Smith Says:

    You got all that out of the video? ;)

    I didn’t really get the video. I don’t watch Star Trek, so maybe I missed some inside jokes or something?

  3. shcb Says:

    I didn’t get the video either, it just seemed stupid to me but I never watched much of Star Trek past the first series, I saw a couple of the movies, enjoyed them but I never went to a convention or dressed up as Luke or Hans.

    No one has commented here in the last couple days and I don’t think JBC is going to bring up the seedy side of this terrible bill so bada bing I just moved the discussion here.

    BTW in reference to your last post in the thread below “it’s time to wrestle!”

  4. Smith Says:

    Yeah, I guess we’ve already had the airing of grievances.

  5. shcb Says:

    That was such a good episode. What always amazes me about that show is how you will remember a part of a particular show and when you see a rerun of it there are a couple other great scenes in that same episode. Most sitcoms strive to have just one such scene in a season, they would have multiples every week.

  6. Smith Says:

    They always found a way to bring all the disparate storylines together at the end of each episode, too. All the Festivus miracles at the end of that episode, for example. The writing was really topnotch.

  7. jbc Says:

    I think the humor of the clip depends on having watched a bunch of ST:TNG. They were so serious on that show, that seeing the characters spout outre gibberish becomes correspondingly hilarious.

    But then, I also couldn’t help laughing out loud every time that kid in the FenslerFilms version of the G.I. Joe shorts fell down on the ice and shouted the F-word, no matter how many times I watched it. So apparently I’m hard-wired to respond to a particular sort of low-brow humor.

  8. knarlyknight Says:

    “outre gibberish?” On first view yes, on second view some themes and connections became apparent, serving only to re-inforce the ludicrous contrast with the seriousness of the real action on the set to extreme comedic effect. Third viewing was much the same, fourth the comedic effect noticably waned. Four viewings is three more than I normally would indulge in, so yeah it was funny.

    “come over to my place, we’ll put on Zeppelin and eat cheddar cheese” Now, how many times have I said that exact same thing? LOL

    Don’t think that funny? Then “Go play with Warf’s hair.”

  9. enkidu Says:

    I thought this was very funny in places.
    “I have a sheep doing roofing over at my house, come and drop in – we’ll put on some Zeppelin and eat cheddar cheese.”

    apple juice!

    the reload sound every time they pull down those ridiculous uniforms


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