Audiovisual Commentary on the Birther Conspiracy

It’s the all-YouTube, all-the-time version of

This really is pretty fun. Well, scary. Fun and scary.

It’s a twofer!

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  1. shcb Says:

    Oh my God, the man’s name is Creepsic? Come on guys, you mean you couldn’t find a stock boy at Wal-Mart that could memorize that part with a name like Smith or Jones? Or call him by his French pronunciation (cre-Pay) You have to sell this stuff! To make this happen we are supposed to send $30 to send 51 faxes? Boy, I’m in the wrong business. For this to stick there has to be a few things happen:

    a) It has to be true

    b) Obama has to have done it maliciously

    c) Someone has to care

    d) The Republicans have to not only win the midterms, they have to win really big. You can get better odds on me winning the Miss America contest.

    Even if not one but all the above were to happen (I look quite fetching in a one piece) it would take what, a year or year and a half to get him impeached, so we are looking at kicking him out with 6 months left in his presidency? These guys had about a two month window before the election to get this done, they missed, get over it. Bet hey, if a hundred bucks will get you into heaven I suppose someone will send 30 will give Obama the boot.

  2. shcb Says:

    Jez, my proofing is worse than my typing anymore.

  3. Craig Says:

    I’ve been on another type of “birther’ site in recent months. This one is regarding how Sarah Palin isn’t the birthmother of Trig. Trig is really Bristol’s baby (or maybe even Willow’s). I have encouraged them to put their “proof” into a video format and upload it on YouTube for viral consumption. It would be just as much comedy gold as this one.

  4. knarlyknight Says:

    Har har har chuckle yup that’d be funny.

    Almost as funny as this Health Care clip, which is a great metaphore of how USA health care services meets “Patient Needs” better than any other country (yet faring far worse on other measures, like acces to services) – shcb’s favourite talking point:

    Here’s some more chuckles as we see Bush’s LIES at around the 8 minute mark, or check it out from the 7 or 7:30 minute mark to see the NORAD general caught in the lies too:

  5. NorthernLite Says:

    Plus you get a really cool bumper sticker!!

    “Mr. Creep” – that is TOO FUNNY!

  6. knarlyknight Says:

    Anyone watch the videos of G20 protesters / crowd “control” in Pittsburgh? I don’t get it, I mean I get some things, like there are some people who need to be controlled, and there might also be “agent provocateurs” employed just like in past events, and that an overwhelming police presence is in theory good for everyone’s safety, but christ almighty the crowds of people look so tame, mostly wide eyed college kids walking around without any discernable malice at all, and then they’re told that they are an “illegal assembly” and asked to leave? WTF? Then shortly thereafter the tear gas, LRAD’s (anyone else got a problem with non-discernable use of these post acopalyptic B-movie type devices being unleashed on groups of citizens?), and militaristic beating on shields as in a primitive battle field, the police move in…

    I am particularly confused by a news video of the police pushing a bunch of college kids away and this girl, moving along compliantly with the crowd, is pushed on the low of her back with a cross check (33 second mark) then cross checked more forcefully yet on her mid back (34 second mark) by the same officer which launched her forward into the crowd she gets off her bike and a second officer strikes her harder yet with a cross check across her upper back (at the 39 second mark) pushing her totall off balance into her bike – she couldn’t go any faster than the crowd in front anyway at which point she loses her cool like any normal kid would do if treated like that and tosses her bike at the cop who cross checked her the first and second time (at least twice & she probably thought he did the third time too) with preditable result – she was more violently cross checked across the back of the neck by another cop and thrown to the ground and cuffed while the reporter became very excited that he was actually reporting a live arrest because she threw her bicycle (he repeated “she threw her bicycle at a policeman!” a couple times as if completely blind to the fact she was abused to the limit of what a reasonable person would put up with. So I guess I’m just confused as to why the cops are acting like such nazi assholes and why the reporters don’t seem to recognize that? There’s lots of different videos showing one side or the other in a bad light, so I don’t mean to get hung up on any particular one, but does anyone else notice how people appeared to have about as little right to assemble in Pittsburgh as they do in Tiannamen square? And doesn’t that bother anyone else? And that the “illegal assemblings” that we see the cops attacking don’t look like they are harmful at all?

    Anyway, even though I haven’t figured out exactly what the problem is I think I stumbled across a solution, in London (the 1:08 minute mark where the corporate cops move in is where this gets very interesting:

  7. knarlyknight Says:

    Woa, didn’t realize my post was so long. Forget the first part, this is what’s cool: “… a solution, in London (the 1:08 minute mark where the corporate cops move in is where this gets very interesting:

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