Downtowner’s Health Insurance

Daily Kos: How I lost my health insurance at the hairstylist’s.

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  1. NorthernLite Says:

    Well, I’m about to get a really good first-hand look at the Canadian universal healthcare system. My mom was diagnosed with cancer of the bowl a few weeks ago…

    She as already started her radiation and chemotherapy treatments (on Monday) and so far everything has been really fast and the service, especially the nurses, have been stellar.

    One thing I should probably note, as my friends to the south begin to debate the future of your healthcare system, is that my mom did not like her first doctor one bit. She found him insensitive and severely lacking compassion. In fact, I almost drove to the treatment centre and punched him out. After all, don’t mess with mom, right guys?

    So we chose a different doctor. And we haven’t spoken to one “bureaucrat” or insurance provider about anything. Just doctors and nurses.

    I’ll keep you guys posted on her progress and the effectiveness of our system, if you’re interested. I promise I’ll be straight with you. If it’s good or if it fails, I’ll let you know. After all, don’t mess with mom!

  2. enkidu Says:

    Best of luck to you and your mother NL.
    My wife is Canadian and I’ve experienced the Canadian healthcare system first and second hand. Her father is very ill with lung problems and despite waiting for some tests or treatments (like we don’t wait here in the US?) I would say his care has been excellent. And they won’t go bankrupt trying to keep up with the costs like here in the states.

    Chin up brother. My mother is a three time cancer fighter/survivor. She’s had breast and lung cancer problems and has beaten all the predictions.

    I just drove 3000 miles to see my mother.
    Those are some good liberal family values ;-) eh?

  3. shcb Says:

    She’s in my prayers.


    You were in Colorado and you didn’t let me buy you a beer! I’m really upset with you! All kidding aside, how was your trip?

  4. knarlyknight Says:

    Sorry to hear that NL. Lost my mom to pancreatic cancer, and bowel cancer, etc. She was diagnosed in about 1992? Switched Drs early on too (we wouldn’t let her keep seeing “the Queen of Darkness”, who was as depressing an MD as you could ever find outside of a bad movie.) Mom was in remission for a long time and end-ed up dying at home with family in 2001. What we learned from the process – medical services speaking wise – is it is very helpflu to have some champions looking after the patient so they don’t become a number. Initial waits for tests were excruciatingly long, but when dealing with cancer ANY wait for your loved one seems ridiculously long.

    I’ got pneumonia recently The first Dr. sent me home and told me to stop complaining so much about a stuffy nose. Took me a while to come to my senses and realize this is more than some stupid cold no matter how patonizing that Doctor was. It took my persistant complaining, 3 Dr’s, a chest ex-ray and then a cat scan to get to the diagnosis. The anti-biotics seem to be working, but it still feels like there isn’t enough oxygen on the planet. It crossed my mind that pneumonia might be like waterboarding except without the board, without the water, and without the nice marines to make it stop.

    All the best

  5. NorthernLite Says:

    Thanks guys. Hope all your summer’s are going well!

  6. knarlyknight Says:

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