Greg Sargent on Big Media on McCain/Palin’s Inciting Their Crowds

An interesting-to-me item from Greg Sargent at TPM: Note To News Orgs: McCain And Palin Are Largely Responsible For Unhinged Tone At Their Rallies.

The news orgs are beginning to weigh in with big takes on what is unquestionably one of the most important stories of Campaign 2008: The pathologically-unhinged tone that McCain-Palin supporters are displaying at rallies of late.

The New York Times has a write-up here; The Washington Post has one here, and The Politico has one here.

This is a welcome development, and the stories are pretty good. But the news orgs are still dancing around the central story here: That McCain and Palin themselves are largely responsible for what’s happening.

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  1. leftbehind Says:

    It’s funny how all these Republican rallies are supposed to be these massive, “unhinged” hate rallies, but there’s never any actual trouble or violence at any of them. Exactly what’s happened? The Washington Post just discovered that some people talk like assholes under cover of a crowd, especially when they’re losing? When one of these rallies gets as unruly, obtuse and stupid as Paul Wellstone’s funeral party did, then you’ll have a story.

  2. leftbehind Says:

    You’d think that after eight years of puffing your chests out and calling George Bush a nazi, you Dems would have thicker skin on your balls. “MEAN LANGUAGE USED AT CAMPAIGN EVENT: FEELINGS HURT.” I thought the point of running Hillary Clinton was to put a woman in the White House, not turn the rest of you into a bunch of girls.

  3. enkidu Says:

    jbc – note that this is before they went inside and got pumped up

  4. leftbehind Says:

    Oh my God. I can only imagine the carnage that must have ensued when they got out of the rally. The sap must have run back into the maple trees in terror. You should get the unedited version of this video where that dangerous looking guy in the scarey golf cap goes berserk. “Why you…I oughta plant a homemade fragmentation grenade in an officer’s dance at Ft. Dix, ya mooks! Off with their heads!”

    The real issue here isn’t violence or hate, it’s Bill Ayers. Isn’t the whole point of all this that linking Obama to Bill Ayers is inciting people to yell at the podium?

  5. NorthernLite Says:

    I think the real issue here is that McCain/Palin don’t have anything to offer voters, so they’re resorting to inciting hate and throwing mud. Which DID work in the past, but…

    Fortunately, I think the American people are more concerned with the state their country is in, not with who Obama worked with a few decades ago at some community group.

    And they hate that they are inciting is getting dangerous, in my opinion.

  6. enkidu Says:

    This one is a bit more on the funny pathetic side (make sure you watch it thru for the empty headed blond nitwit who thinks she is all gettin in your face lib!) Seriously stupid.

    And speaking of the stupid vote (this bit is laugh out loud funny)

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