Podcast 29: A Sarah Palin Bestiary

I tried to resist, but like the Obama campaign, I was unable to prevent my narrative from being hijacked. So in the end I gave in and made Podcast 29 the All-Sarah Palin edition.

A recurring theme is how everyone (Sarah herself, Obama, me) can’t help likening her to various animals. By which I mean no disrespect; I think she’s a perfectly nice person. (Or pit bull. Or pig. Or post turtle. Or maybe, if you listen to the podcast and squinch your ears just right, a rabid skunk.)

Anyway, here’s a list of the content I ripped off for this episode:

6 Responses to “ Podcast 29: A Sarah Palin Bestiary”

  1. J.A.Y.S.O.N. Says:

    Its terrifying to see how incoherent she is. The Tina Fey skits from SNL are pretty much dead on reproductions.

  2. Steve Says:

    I loved that first song. I love Benny Perkins too.

  3. ymatt Says:

    For the next SNL bit, they should dispense with Tina Fey entirely and just run a Palin interview straight, then end it with Katie Couric showing up (surprise guest) to yell “live from New York”.

  4. enkidu Says:

    I love that Eno tune, one of my all time favorites (I have it on vinyl in the garage – shows how old I am)

    My Life in the Bush of Ghosts was/is so much better than the just released Eno/Byrne collaboration. You can listen to the whole thing on line (the last tune on the album has a bit of MLitBoG vibe)

    Next podcast take a snipe of Jezebel Spirit, perfect to pair up w Paulson or Palin. Or go ask my pal the great and powerful goog (via that thing al gore done inventerated). You can get two songs multitracks for free here:
    (go to Listen to hear 7 unreleased tracks)

  5. jbc Says:

    Actually, I had My Life in the Bush of Ghosts on vinyl myself, and re-bought it with the bonus tracks when the updated version of it came out recently. And yeah, that stuff where Pastor Muthee is casting the witchcraft out of Sarah totally reminds me of That Jezebel Spirit.

  6. caf21 Says:

    Nice, I really liked this podcast. I especially liked listening to Palin speak before her appointment as VP hopeful. It’s amazing how intelligent and direct and honest Obama sounds after listening to Palin talk. I liked listening to mostly first sources without the spin.

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