Olbermann on Hillary’s Assassination Comment

I’ve mentioned before that I sometimes find Keith Olbermann’s schtick a little off-putting, even while recognizing that I mostly agree with the points he makes. And I’m not sure that the same thing isn’t going on here. But I think this is worth listening to:

For those who prefer their information staid and textual, as opposed to jittery and noisy, here’s a version of Friday’s events from the perspective of Katherine Q. Seelye, a writer for the New York Times’ politics blog: Clinton’s Very Bad Day.

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  1. hossman Says:

    Olbermann uses the word Assassination an awfully lot for someone who’s central argument is that it’s horrific to use the word Assassination, and that “the politics of this nation is steeped enough in blood, […] you can not and must not invoke that imagery; anywhere, at any time.”

    PS: Mr Olbermann, I’ve seen footage of Edward Murrow, I respect Edward Murrow, and you sir are no Edward Murrow … good night and good luck to us all.

  2. Craig Says:

    Other than the fact that it was a really dumb thing to specifically reference in trying to make her thin rationale for staying in the race into June, this is going to be another political tempest in a teapot. A member of the Kennedy family has accepted her explanation, as has the ever-present Al Sharpton. And Obama himself has tried to take the air out of the hysteria as well.

    I’ve read some lefty websites that are convinced that Hillary really hopes that Obama gets killed. That, frankly, is crazy talk. Anyone who believes otherwise is not reasoning with a full deck.

    She has made this specific analogy before, in a March interview with TIME. No one raised an eyebrow then, but now, with tensions so high by the Obama media supporters and bloggers to get Hillary to quit, we now get this “outraged” reaction.

    And as far as Olbermann is concerned, he is a partisan hack, and another political mouthpiece pushing his agenda. I lump him with the Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck, and O’Reilly’s of the world. A talking head with no real meaningful or constructive ability to move intelligent political discourse (if there is such a thing anymore) forward. Partisan-driven entertainment for those who are like-thinking.

    Nothing more, nothing less.

  3. enkidu Says:

    Liz Trotta, the former New York bureau chief of The Washington Times and a contributor for FAUX News (and all-around rwnj partisan hack)

    Nope, no little joke about assassination here! har har har! I think it will be a minor miracle to have Obama serve two terms without rwnjs going postal.

    Take the word assassination out and substitute something like ‘RFK was still running in CA in June’ and there would have been no controversy.

    KO is a bit dramatic and histrionic, but I am glad someone is saying these things because the rest of the rightwing media (basically all of it) is not serving their mandate as the fourth estate. No wonder Bilious O’lie-ly is up in GE’s grill.

  4. enkidu Says:

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  5. soxfan17881 Says:

    I agree that it was a stupid thing to say, but Olberman is going overboard.

  6. Steve Says:

    Olbermann is unique though because he’s a liberal.

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