NetKooks Saturday: Stoner Pizza Delivery Thanks and the Will-You-Marry-Me Patent Application

To lighten up your weekend, I offer the following stories I noticed this morning on BoingBoing:

To The Stoner Who Works At Cottage Inn Pizza

From Craigslist, an anonymous stoner expresses his thanks to the similarly baked employee at the local pizzeria who took his order for the Best Pizza Evar.

I called you from my cell phone but had completely forgot who I was calling by the time you answered the phone. Of course, you were also baked to bajeezus and forgot to tell me that I had called Cottage Inn.

When you answered and said, “Whatsup?” I thought about it, and after a 20 second pause I told you that was hungry. You suggested I try a pizza, and I agreed that it was probably a good idea.

Then I asked you if you sold pizza and you said that you could make me one. I said I wanted anchovies and something else on my pizza. You asked me what that something else was.

We spent five minutes listing toppings until we figured out that I was trying to remember how to say: “Sun dried Tomatoes.” When you said: “We’ll bake that right up for you,” we both started laughing uncontrollably.

It was the best pizza I ever had; I just wanted to thank you for helping me out.

And, in the second half of your Saturday Netkooks twofer, I give you the following from the US Patent Office:

Method and instrument for proposing marriage to an individual

37. A method for offering marriage to an individual by utilizing a patent application to offer marriage to the individual, the method comprising: drafting a patent application, wherein the patent application is drafted in a tangible medium; drafting a marriage proposal that proposes marriage to the individual, wherein the marriage proposal is drafted in a tangible medium; incorporating the marriage proposal into the patent application; presenting the patent application to the individual during a proposal event; signing the patent application; and sending the patent application to the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

I read and enjoyed the whole thing. It’s sweet, in a nerdy romantic-comedy sort of way.

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  1. Steve Says:

    Read and enjoyed.

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