Kleiman on Drum on Obama

Interesting commentary by Mark Kleiman on Kevin Drum’s recent statements about Barack Obama (who Drum apparently sees as either naively being truly willing to deal with conservatives, or dishonestly saying he’ll practice kumbaya while secretly planning to be as nasty to conservatives as Hillary would be). According to Kleiman, that gets it wrong: Obama is just being honest, while Hillary is being the sort of politician we have every reason to expect her to be. Anyway, I think I’m with Kleiman on this one. I was paying attention when the Iraq War vote happened, and I know how Hillary was talking then. And I know how she’s been talking lately (to the extent she’s been willing to, which isn’t much) on the subject of torture. And that’s enough to put me firmly in the Obama camp.

Anyway: Style, substance, and “kumbaya”.

4 Responses to “Kleiman on Drum on Obama”

  1. Steve Says:

    Wow, I loved that last sentence. What a great article.

  2. ymatt Says:

    Awesome. I’ve been recently appalled at the degree to which not just regular people have been fooled by Clinton’s characterization of Obama as “all ideas, no action”, but also left-leaning politically-interested types. I think maybe they’ve been waiting so long for Clinton to have her time in the limelight than they’re turning a blind eye to her being a total team-killing fucktard (sic) in this nomination race.

  3. enkidu Says:

    I am curious if you will ban yourself for using deeply offensive language concerning the Democratic front runner? Hillary Clinton currently has the most delegates. She is projected to easily win NY, and will probably win CA, FL and OH (and the way I understand the primarys to work for Ds is most split the delegate counts based on % of vote, so unless Obama wins huge, it may not make much difference). Then again, I think Obama has the momentum. He will probably take IL, then there is who Edwards will throw his delegates to.

    Calling her a “total team-killing fucktard (sic)” is way out of line.

  4. ymatt Says:

    Get the hell over it, enki.

    For the record, bad words are allowed on lies.com.


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