Larry Johnson: Someone Lied About the Torture Tapes in 2003

I think I’m inclined to think that Larry Johnson knows what he’s talking about here: Who Obstructed Justice?

The key question surrounding torture tape gate is not who authorized the destruction of the tapes in 2005. Nope. The real priority is who in the Bush Administration knowingly lied to a Federal Judge in the spring of 2003. Either the CIA told DOJ the truth and DOJ lied or the CIA lied to DOJ or the White House directed DOJ to lie. It is that simple.

And it’s a felony. And it’s grounds for impeachment. Start the hearings already.

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  1. shcb Says:

    Sorry guys, but nobody is going to impeach anyone, there just isn’t cause, never has been. Nancy P or Murtha were never going to start proceedings. They just told you all that so you would vote for their guys and not some third party candidate. Bush is just a decent guy doing a tough job. Clinton was corrupt on oh so many levels, but just because we impeached your guy doesn’t mean you get to impeach ours, there has to be a pretty good reason.

    You can’t count all the stuff you throw at the wall, you can only count the stuff that sticks.

  2. enkidu Says:

    Dear deluded rwnj, forgive me for pointing out this thing called ‘reality’ which seems to elude you at every turn, but The Speaker of the House (I love how rwnjs now just use her initial so they can get the kindergarden potty talk “pee pee” dig in there) has always maintained that impeachment is off the table.

    rwnj criminals are way too smart to leave anything so obvious as an impeachable ‘smoking gun’ lying about (they watched the last imperial prez go down for some tapes that should have been burnt, and some burglary, and…). Why do you think Federal paper/doc/data shredding contracts are several times what they were under Clinton? Or that little fire next to the VP’s offices? Millions of deleted emails? Hello, reality calling on the white courtesy phone for mr rwnj?

    Clinton lied about an extramarital affair, big whup. Bush lied and thousand of Americans died. I know rwnj doesn’t count dead brown people, but we have caused the deaths of 10s or 100s of thousands of Iraqis. There were no WMDs worth invading and we knew it at the time.

    shrub is an incompetent moron, incurious, dogmatic, blinkered and phony. Just like the morans who place their partisanship ahead of citizenship.

    If they could find a overlooked set of back up tapes or some really hard incontrovertible evidence, I would slam these criminals in jail for the rest of their lives. Or ship em off to the Hague. They should be in fucking jail (just quoting jbc [and Sean Penn], hoping that I haven’t offended ymatt ;-)

  3. shcb Says:

    Mill Valley Seniors for Peace,
    November 26, 2007

    Nancy Pelosi has advised Cindy Sheehan that if Pelosi receives 100,000 cards or letters from citizens demanding Dick Chaney be impeached, she would let Kucinich Bill HR 333 be released from the House Judicial Committee and allow it to be voted on by the House of Representatives. The address is

    Rep. Nancy Pelosi
    c/o Cindy Sheehan for Congress
    1260 Mission Blvd.
    San Francisco CA 94103

    Let’s get behind this and make it happen. Send those letters and cards out as soon as possible. Tell everyone you know. Cindy will count the replies and send the results on to Pelosi. Don’t procrastinate. Do it!

    House Resolution 333 (also abbreviated as H Res 333) is a resolution submitted to the House of Representatives on April 24, 2007 by Representative Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) during the 110th United States Congress that, if passed, would impeach Vice President Dick Cheney on three charges.

  4. enkidu Says:

    hey that is good news!
    Nancy Pelosi has changed her tune based on the will of the people.

    I only advocate impeachment if they can get real hard evidence, otherwise it will be political theater. A useless diversion from the real problems facing our country. Useless counterproductive War in Iraq, economy in shambles, lack of universal healthcare, and putting neothug criminals in jail.

    And here I thought she had it off the table because she was informed of the US torture and rendition practices back in ’02 or ’03. Helping to cover up international crimes against humanity Nancy? no wonder impeachment is off the table.

    and thanks for the link rwnj!
    I added my name to the Kucinich call for impeachment.

    hey you need to pick up the white courtesy phone rwnj! Reality has a really important message for you: your partisan bs is hurting America, please stop.

  5. shcb Says:

    I’m glad you found that link helpful, I hope the registration process wasn’t long because you realize it was a waste of time, impeachment is and always has been off the table. There simply is no reason. All this president has done is his job. If Democrats were start proceedings, all the evidence would come out, and that would show them for very small people indeed. This torture thing for instance. According to the Boston Globe water boarding was used on three high priority captives right after 911 and information gleaned was instrumental in stopping attacks. I think most Americans would consider that a reasonable use of the technique. It is more helpful for Democrats to have “water boarding” out there without details, same with impeachment. I didn’t look into it extensively but it seems Nancy P. (I’m not being juvenile, I am just such a bad speller I can’t remember how to spell her name) but it seems she has given other groups a 500,000 goal. I’m guessing she is giving groups a goal they can’t reach. And if they do, she will have to have all the signatures verified and such so that by the time all the hoops have been jumped through there won’t be enough time.

    The fact that she is out there telling everyone impeachment is off the table is an old trick used most effectively by the Nixon administration, she is telling everyone she won’t allow impeachment to keep the subject alive. Throw in a few crumbs to Cindy’s group and there might be enough hope to keep the fringe voters on the reservation. The Clintons did something similar during one of their scandals, the had a staged photo op with them dancing on the beach, showing how much in love they were. The papers only gave it a passing glance, so the next Sunday Lannie was on all the shows outraged that the press was intruding on their privacy, bingo! Front page news for two weeks.

    I would hope she wouldn’t start proceedings just because a hundred thousand people want her to, that kind of goes against the whole rule of law thing. After all, we don’t have a democracy for that very reason. But who knows, she is a San Francisco liberal and they live in a little different world than the rest of us, kind of like Boulder.

  6. ymatt Says:

    You two, I swear.

  7. knarlyknight Says:

    Let ’em be, yMom. At least they’re not pestering anyone else.

  8. ethan-p Says:


    Impeachment? Pahahaha. The Bush administration is way WAY smarter than that. They’ve already got a long list of people lined up to take the fall.

  9. enkidu Says:

    yMom… that funny!

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