Dilbert and Chess

Do want: Dilbert and Chess.

Okay, adoring lies.com readers (yes, I’m talking to you, obsessive comment warriors): If you want to make me happy at Christmas, you can pick me up a set of these. I’ll supply the board.

So, it sounds like I’ll be needing:

  • 1 Alice
  • 1 PHB
  • 2 Wallys
  • 2 Catberts
  • 2 Dilberts
  • 8 Asoks

Hm. Then I think we’ll need a similar set of squeezy toys in a darker shade for the black pieces. Maybe:

  • 1 Marge
  • 1 Homer
  • 2 Lisas
  • 2 Krustys
  • 2 Barts
  • 8 Smitherses

One Response to “Dilbert and Chess”

  1. hossman Says:

    you realize they don’t actually make “Asoks” right? do you really want 8 Catberts terrorizing your house in their place?

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