Greenwald on Digby on Lefty Bloggerdom

Glenn Greenwald is being quite awesome lately, including in this piece, in which he talks about Digby’s recent speech, which I watched, such that I now know that she’s a she. Anyway: “Fringe liberal bloggers”.

Radicals and extremists are those who believe that we ought to invade and occupy foreign countries which have not attacked and cannot attack us, or that we ought to lock people away indefinitely with no process and/or torture them, or that the president has the power to ignore our duly enacted laws. As is true for any collection of large numbers of people, there surely are liberal bloggers who hold views that are shared only by a small minority. But objectively speaking, the defining views, the ones that its members hold almost unanimously in common, are anything but radical or “fringe.”

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  1. knarlyknight Says:

    Good find. Easy to deduce from it that the take-over of main-stream media propoganda has been very much a successful coup for the Rethugs, and thus understand why so many people cannot “take it” any longer.

    “Only in the true fringe — what Digby calls “the modern conservative movement of Newt and Grover and Karl and Rush,” as well as their establishment media enablers — does opposition to the Iraq War, or Guantanamo and torture, or the abolition of habeas corpus, or the grotesque deceit of the Limbaugh Right make one a “leftist” or fringe liberal, as those terms are used in their pejorative sense. The reality is that the views Digby identifies as the crux of the “progressive blogosphere” are entirely mainstream American views. “Extremism” is marked by those who reject those beliefs, not by those who embrace them.”

    Many people have lost their way, and you need more than “right” or “left” to find yur way home. Thankfully, there is a compass:

  2. enkidu Says:

    read the whole digby link
    worth every second of your time

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