Pat Robertson Can Kick Your Ass

And here I thought Pat Robertson was just a cynical, transparently dishonest huckster, an aging little man with a winning smile, an aw, shucks manner, and a willingness to lie to old folks to get them to send him their Social Security checks. Turns out I was wrong about that. He’s also a world-class athlete who, thanks to his faith (and to magical protein shakes — you can find out more about what’s in the shakes if you “register for your FREE booklet today!”), can leg press 2,000 pounds.

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  1. ethan-p Says:

    Well duh! No human can leg press 2,000 pounds. That is, not without the help of the Lord. I thought that this was common knowledge.

    What I witnessed in that video was nothing short of a miracle. A 73-year old leg pressing the weight of a Lotus Elise and change. An amazing and clearly divine act. I’m ready to send my money to Pat Robertson. He’s clearly a messenger of God.

    Anyone who disagrees with me is clearly under the influence of Satan; and I will therefore not listen to anything that they have to say.

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