Drum on Kinsley on Bush’s ‘Volleys of Lies’

I’d be remiss if I let this one go without linking to it. Kevin Drum (A purgegate primer) doesn’t think much of Michael Kinsley’s (Been Bloggin’ So Long…Lordy, Lordy) comments on the US attorney firings and their aftermath. But say what you will about Kinsley, the guy can seriously turn a phrase:

We’re all in agreement — you, me, the Washington Post, even the Wall Street Journal — that the administration’s response to this controversy has been comically mendacious. Volleys of lies come in wave after wave, like the trench soldiers of World War One. They get mowed down and the administration just sends in more.

There’s actually a larger argument taking place, with Kinsley saying that the Bush people are so reflexively dishonest that we shouldn’t take their lies as an indication that something worse is going on, and Drum saying no, you idiot, that’s exactly what we should take their lies to mean. Either way, though, it’s a cool metaphor.

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  1. enkidu Says:

    I want you to dig into Newt Gingrich’s lies for prosecuting Clinton for lying about an extramaital affair while Newt-y was having an extramarital affair with his intern/coworker

    Doesn’t get much more hypocritical than that (unless you count serving your cancer stricken wife with divorce papers while she is in the hospital – heck of a job Newt-y!).

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