Blankenhorn: The Election Is Over. Unless the Republicans Steal It. In Which Case It’s _All_ Over

I’m really enjoying Dana Blankenhorn lately: Watching the Temple Fall.

If the Republicans do steal this election, it will be so obvious that all of them – all of them – will be destroyed. Not just pushed out of office. Their lives will be forfeit, their fortunes will be seized , their families will either be killed or die in exile like those of Third World despots. Because that’s what they will have become.

Americans don’t put up with that shit.

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  1. TeacherVet Says:

    I think the following, from the proclaimed “peace” crowd, says it all.

    Their lives will be forfeit, their fortunes will be seized, their families will either be killed or die in exile like those of Third World despots“.

    Those peaceful words, and their source, need to be known by everyone.

  2. Steve Says:

    I think Blankenhorn underestimates what Americans will put up with.

  3. TeacherVet Says:

    I truly enjoy the numerous lefties who flood the airways with predictions (hopes) that tighty-righties will simply stay home for the coming elections. I guess it’s natural for them to think they’ve successfully created such an atmosphere of hatred and negativity that conservatives will just cave in and surrender (their only hope), but I expect that we will treat that prediction as a dare, and will vote in large numbers (1) just to prove them wrong and (2) in response to 6 years of insults and demeaning rhetoric against all conservatives.

    I hope that people like Blankenhorn continue to mix their insults with the kind of threatening language used in the article linked above. Defensiveness is a natural reaction; our best defense is the voting booth, and those folks don’t seem to realize they’re fueling the very fire they wish to extinguish.

    One thing is for certain: If Democrats can’t win this 6th-year election in today’s political atmosphere, they’re forever in trouble. It should be a slam-dunk, especially if one believes all the polls of the many past moons, but we continue to hear conflicting messages from the left; one day they proclaim that the battle is won… the next day they simply voice hopeful optimism. It seems that they might not even believe their own polls. But why would they, since polls almost always overstate Democrat potential.

  4. treehugger Says:

    What other type of reaction would you expect, TecherVet, if it was found out that our democratic process had been compromised? I would expect the same reaction from the other side if the tables were turned.

    I hope people like Bush, Cheney, etc. continue to mix their insults with the kind of threatening language used throughout their time in office. You know what I mean, the “don’t vote for a Democrat because surely we will be attacked” threat, or the thousands of other blatant lies and misinformation campaigns that have been trademarked by this administration; calling Americans idiots or unpatriotic if they dare disagree with any of their failures. Yes, we are angry too (fortunately, the GOP hasn’t trademarked anger yet), and it will be shown at the polls

    Btw, shouldn’t you been in Ohio? You better get your ass up there; the Democratic Party is counting on people like you to keep up your campaign of lies right up until November 7th. Be sure to highlight your party’s performance on foreign affairs and fiscal responsibility when knocking on doors.

    ‘Till then, so long and good luck!

  5. leftbehind Says:

    TecherVet – Don’t you cheats realize that there is no way, at least in a Universe where a kind and loving God exists (but has no bearing on public policy, of course) that any Democrat could fairly lose an election?

  6. enkidu Says:

    Funny how those electronic voting machines always seem to switch Dem votes to Repub votes… Of course only LIEberal traitor terrrist lovin commie (almost fergot Evil*) ‘news’ rags print stories like this:

    Why? Because a machine that counts D votes as Rs isn’t a glitch to the right wing, it is a feature.

    Diebold machines can easily be infected with malicious software to switch votes. These few examples of voters actually seeing a switch show just how buggy this malware really is… and just the tip of the iceberg.

  7. Patriot_Smart Says:

    I’m sorry but I am just wondering why? Why is it that there is no other way but the liberal way? The Left side says the right side is oppressing but it seems that the democrats have a way of making it where democrats are right and wow oh so saintly but those damn republicans what moral fools ignorant hicks that just want to fight with someone. I think the democrats just can’t handle losing consecutively so they must cry foul. Those mean republicans are stealing votes from the angelic democrats. I’m sorry but how do you account for the paper ballots that are still widely used?!

  8. enkidu Says:

    Please point out to us examples of R votes being switched to D. If it is even 2 in 10 of the numerous examples of D votes being switched to R votes, then I’ll eat my metaphorical hat.

    After decades of being labelled every nasty name, disgusting distortion and despicable lie, libs/dems and independents (like me – I have never been a registered D or R) are finally standing up and saying “I’ve had enough”.

    I don’t see the Dems as some shiny knight on a white horse, more like a bunch of marginally less corrupt pols clinging to the hind end of a dilapidated donkey. But I have had more than I can stomach of the right wing nutjobs spewing lies (like we found the WMDs! and Iraq is doing great! and Iran is going to nuke us tomorrow if we don’t vote partisan R today!) And the current GOOPer fiscal record is an abomination.

    re: voting… Could you please explain the -25 million votes for Kerry recorded by an electronic voting machine in Ohio in ’04? Are there ANY examples of R votes being electronically/magically changing into D votes? Punch card voting has its own set of mechanical problems, but is at least more certain than e-voting. Paper optical scan ballots are much more secure because you can run the paper ballots thru a clean machine to verify the count totals. Diebold (etc) machines were made to distort votes, not count them.

    I voted for GHWB the first time because he was a fiscal conservative and a smart, competent guy. I didn’t vote for him the second time because it was time for a change. After Clinton balanced the budget and invested in this whole Internets thing (no, Gore never claimed to invent it) his tenure produced 25 million new jobs and record surpluses. Oh and stfu about the blue dress already (just to nip that in the bud). gwb is, if not the worst president ever, then in the worst 5 ever.

    It is time for oversight to return to this rubberstamp congress.

    It is time to declare victory and get the hell out of Iraq.

    It is past time to kill Osama bin Laden.

    It is time to acknowledge that people who disagree with you are not traitors.

    It is time for change.

  9. treehugger Says:

    The time has arrived.

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