Zakaria: Game Over in Iraq

Fareed Zakaria has a sobering article in the latest Newsweek: Iraq’s dark day of reckoning.

It is time to call an end to the tests, the six-month trials, the waiting and watching, and to recognize that the Iraqi government has failed. It is also time to face the terrible reality that America’s mission in Iraq has substantially failed.

For a while now, Bush’s argument has basically been that the situation is so screwed up that the only people you can trust to fix it are the people who screwed it up in the first place (because the Republicans are the only ones you can trust to prosecute the War on Terra in the direct, manly fashion that it requires).

That argument worked for a while, at least with a certain subset of the electorate (in particular, the geopolitically ignorant part of it that found the smoke and mirrors linking Iraq and al Qaeda to be credible).

But I think even the ignorant people are beginning to see the real situation: Bus. Ditch. Driver.

Bring on the midterms.

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