A Fine Mind (Philosoraptor’s) Reels

In the absence of time to comment on all the fun hijinks going on, I offer the following apt commentary from Philosoraptor: War in Iraq hinders “war” on terrorism.

But, as it turns out, they were wrong.

They were, as one of my colleagues likes to say, wrong about everything. Bush and company have, so far as I can tell, not been right about a single major thing concerning terrorism since 9/11. Had, say, Gore or Wes Clark been president, OBL and al Qaeda would be something like a dim memory or a joke by now. Instead, the president than whom none more incompetent can be conceived has botched everything at every turn, and inflated a relatively minor, relatively manageable threat into a firestorm of a clash of civilizations.

In a fully rational country, a president of such monumental stupidity, ignorance, pig-headedness and incompetence would have been forced out of office by non-stop protests and 0% approval ratings. And yet here the Bush dead-enders continue to repeat their mantras…we are winningthe decisions were rightBush is good….Bush is wiseBush is just… It’s hard enough to assert that he’s minimally competent with a straight face…but some of these people–apparently immune from empirical evidence–continue to insist that he’s (to use their word) “Churchillian.” The mind reels.

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