Greenwald on the Republican Revisionism of ‘The Path to 9/11’

No time (of course), but I enjoyed reading this article: Unclaimed Territory – by Glenn Greenwald: Republicans and Islamic terrorism during the Clinton presidency.

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  1. Craig Says:

    Take special note of that Mark Coffey link within Greenwald’s post.

    Glenn plays up the concern that Mark shows regarding the fictionalization of the dialogue in question, but Mark also supports the fact that resistence by some key Clinton Administration personnel really did impede eliminating OBL on several occasions. ( as borne out by the 9/11 commission)

    Network TV has a sad long history of screwing up historical events with unnecessary fictionalization. Should we be surprised that its happening again? They should know by now that once they take creative license to juice up some additional drama in this kind of film, they are opening the door to partisans to cast doubt on the premise as a whole, through the inaccuracies of the portion. I’m disappointed, but not shocked, that once again, TV drones couldn’t just present the story as is. It would be dramatic enough, and would condemn both sides appropriately.

    Despite the storm of outrage and charges and counter-charges from all the political partisans, this film will likely receive a unremarkable viewership, and be largely forgotten in the mainstream mind with a month.

    It’s all yet another micro-organism that looks scary under a microscope, but is still only a micro-organism in real life terms.

  2. treehugger Says:

    Apparently you’re right, Craig…

    The movie was flattened in the ratings by the debut of NBC’s Sunday night football, matching Peyton Manning of the Indianapolis Colts against his younger brother Eli of the New York Giants. The football game had an estimated 20.7 million viewers, while “The Path to 9/11” had 13 million, according to Nielsen Media Research.

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