Drum on Bush’s Death to Policy

It’s been a while since I linked to Kevin Drum (at least a half hour or so), so here’s a good one: The death of policy.

When the history of the Bush years are written, I suspect the biggest untold story of the era is going to be the one that John DiIulio warned us about almost at the beginning: The Death of Policy. George Bush’s Republican Party is driven sometimes by ideology, sometimes by corporate fealty, and sometimes by nothing more than stubbornness, but serious policy analysis rarely enters the picture anymore. Why bother when you already know exactly what you want to do?

The CIA is the latest victim of this corrosive syndrome. Are they a bunch of effete liberals who hate toughminded foreign policy? Don’t be absurd. But they sometimes produce inconvenient facts, and in Bush’s world that makes them simply a member of the opposition to be dealt with. And so they were.


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