Waterfall 2006

This is fairly off-topic, even for me, but in light of my switch lately to being part of a more-offical corporate software development effort, I found this parody funny: Waterfall 2006 – International Conference on Sequential Development.

If you’re not up on agile development methodologies you’ll probably miss the humor. But for me, it was pretty good.

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  1. KodeHollerith Says:

    Great site. Thanks for the tip. I can see I’ve been spinning my wheels these last 35 years struggling upstream. If only the current administration would send it’s inside staff to this conference … Wait! Is it possible this is already a required methodology? They not only attended but embrace the concept?
    Cheny took Glacial Methodology
    Bush took Intro to Dogmatic Programming
    Halburton: Defect-full Code: Ensuring Future Income with Maintenance Contracts
    Brown at FEMA:Riding your Project Management Career “Over the Waterfall” Successfully
    I can see I’ve been doing it all wrong. Flexible methodologies, egoless programming, turn-key code. No wonder I’m not rich and powerfull.
    Maybe not so off-topic.

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