Podcast 7

My apologies for the dearth of posting lately. I’ve recently switched from consulting to an actual job (gasp!), and that, plus a lengthy daily commute, have been cutting into my available obsession time.

It’s an ill wind that blows no good, though; that lengthy commute means I have plenty of time for rambling, extemporaneous podcasts. Case in point: podcast 7.

Featured ranting in this podcast includes:

  • More about my new job, and the commute.
  • Willliam’s eighth birthday, and the differences between him and Julia.
  • The execution of Stanley “Tookie” Williams, and the death penalty, generally.
  • State-sanctioned torture by the US as an indicator of George Bush’s stunted moral development.


One Response to “ Podcast 7”

  1. treehugger Says:

    Hey JBC,

    I downloaded your Podcast last night and listened to it while lying in bed. It’s pretty good!

    I really liked how you spoke about Tookie and the death penalty in general. I share the same views with you on that and I couldn’t hav explained it better myself.

    Man, I don’t know about a three hour drive to and from work though!!

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