Historical Events As Reported by Fox News

Some of these are fairly cute: If Fox News had been around through history.

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  1. John F Says:

    Saw this a while back on a message forum..

    The one that is most profound to me is the Boston Tea Party “terrorist act”. I’ve been telling people that’s how the revolutionaries would be looked at in today’s media… And those who are either staunchly conservative or blindly following the leader dismissed the idea because of how different the situations were… Or were they?

  2. trg34221 Says:

    The cable news wars are over time to keep up Fox News Channel has won.

    It must burn left wing extremist to no end Fox news is bigger than CNN and MSNBC combined.

    Lets review the Clinton News Network fell behind the Cartoon Network in viewer ship life couldn’t get any better…..

  3. Sven Says:

    “Left wing extremists” are fans of CNN or MSNBC? As if.

  4. treehugger Says:

    Hey trg34221: That’s because fiction is often more entertaining than fact.

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