Gore on the Rise and Fall of Public Discourse

Yet another fantastic speech from Al Gore: Gore on the threat to democracy. He basically makes the case that the rise of television has destroyed the public debate that previously took place via the printing press, and looks to the Internet as the last, best hope of democracy in America.

Interesting concept: A potential president who can actually reason on a high level. We should give that a try sometime.

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  1. Steve Says:

    Damnit. If I had known in 2000 what I know now I would have voted for Gore. He’s been consistently giving great speeches about great topics.

  2. ethan-p Says:

    Gore is just pushing the Internets because he invented them.

    Anyone with a grain of intelligence knows that nothing good ever came out of the Internets. It’s all a bunch of lies spread by Satan’s liberal demons. It’s a great conspiracy — a trick to make us have gay sex, believe that the earth is more than 10,000 years old, and believe that we were spawned by queer apes.

    Now, I have no physical evidence contrary to this, but can offer some old stories that I accept blindly and refuse to question. They’re true because they were verified by a guy with a vested interest in making me believe this crap. Any evidence contrary to this was clearly planted by the devil in order to test our faith.

    So, to recap: The Internets = Al Gore’s invention meant to brainwash us into believing fudgepacking liberal ideals and test our faith in God.

  3. John F Says:

    Gore gives hope to 2008 as an alternative to the DLC… You know Hillary is goign to run and you know those who follow that train of thought from the DLC are goign to also be candidates….

    Wouldn’t be surprised fi there are 10 candidates at the start of the primaries again with only 3 or 4 not soft-spoken democrats. Wasn’t that the case in 2004? You had the Party-Central Dean on the left, the Green-like Kucinich and Al Sharpto (not counting Caroline Mosley Braun) while you had various degrees of weak-willed -Dems in Kerry, Edwards, Lieberman, Gephardt and the General… Graham was also very moderate in his platform and yet he started too late and ended too early to be counted.

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